Friday, January 2, 2009

buh bye 2008 and harlO 09~ ^^

new resolution for the new year...
first from the top list... must go to <> !!
I told myself every 1st Jan that I wanted to change, want to get off from the bad habit that always being late whenever attending wutever dates/ events and etc...
up-to-date... I still failed!!
BUT I did get better from last time !!! I did... :(

letz review what have I done throughout 2008...

erm... there were some unpleasant things happened... but we learn from mistakes, we grow from failures...
kick em off and live a betta life in 09~ yeah~

some different changes in 2008, such as
* I got into the stewpig wOrking life... now being an OL.. working 8-5, 5 days a week...
* involved in a relationship in mid-year... maintaining well still... :)
* I got my first Gucci *winkz ~
* I got 3 cameras as presies from fren & family...
* finally, I got myself a decent sun-glasses by year end... Marc Jacobs~
* got my iphOne too...
* attended 2 concerts with frens & family, Jay in KL & Joey in Genting... ( lost to 2007... which I attended Justin in Sydney, JAcky Cheung, LinkinPark & Justin Timberlake in Melbourne)
* attended Pessoc Orchestra (still lost to 2007, which I attended Phantom of The Opera on stage and Miss Saigon in Melbourne)
* Katiaks Reunion in Pg iSland~
* 908 reunion in Pg too... :P
* attended high-school mate's weddings and met the baby of my high-skool fren... which was so unbelievable for me ! =.=
* traveled to East M'sia, Kuching~
* received 2 Cecelia latest novels from Stewpig, and finished 1..
* read RichDadPoorDad
* suffered from my wisdom tooth... which is so sad !! T.T
* last but not least, I'm backef to my family and having great time with em... ^^

po pi po pi, everything would be sounds and great in the new year for everyone !!

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