Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mah 1st doubleBig C ^^

Am so happee..!! Finally got mah doubleC brusher last late nite before I off to bed.. Can't afford the designer bag.. Can only buy the cosmetic which costs 2 digits less >.<

Spotted it with love at first sight... It's the summer series limited edition.. But it's all sold-out in Penang...!! 

Thx to missie S... Got her fren to help me get this... ** weEeeee 


Am so happee..!! Finally got mah doubleC brusher last late nite before I off to bed..
Can't afford the designer bag.. Can only buy the cosmetic which costs 2 digits less >.<

Spotted it with love at first sight... It's the summer series limited edition.. But it's all sold-out in Penang...!! 

Thx to missie S... Got her fren to help me get this... ** weEeeee 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

dinner Celebration at El Casa Wine & Dine

few weeks ago..
20 of us had a wonderful dinner session at El Casa Dine & Wine... 

it was the second time I dine-in here...
always knowing it's a cool place with nice ambiance, selling yummie foods with reasonable price...


Raye always told me how nice is the Set Lunch at El Casa...
after looking at the menu.. and I fully agree with above sentence !

the all-day A La Carte menu already priced very reasonably..
but the Set Lunch is way more cheaper !!!

imagine paying less than rm 10 for a Western Food main course + soup + drinks...
think can hardly spot in town nowadays !

Homemade Mushroom Soup - rm 6.90
served with piece of Garlic Bread...
not the wild mushroom type nor super milky creamy type..
but nice afterall....

Fried Calamari (Squid)
Crunchy, fresh and nice...

the dinner was actually a pre-burfday celebration for mrDamien~ ^^

one of the recommended main course, which also available under the Super Saver Set Lunch Menu !

Fish and Chips

served in 2 big pieces of fish fillet, heaps of fine cut fries, bowls of tar tar sauce + vinegar...
 very like their house salad... generous portion of mixed veggie, plus homemade special dressing !
Signature Chicken Chop
again, very generous portion, huge piece of boneless chicken, served with steamed rice, and side salad !
Oriental Sauce served aside, you can put as how you like...

Butter Grilled Fish
fresh piece of fillet, served with steamed rice, fine cut fries, steamed veggie

Chicken De El Casa rm 13.90
this was what I had on that nite..
and I super love it... it's a super worthy dish !!!
deep fried huge portion of boneless chicken, topped with melted cheese and Sun Dried Tomatoes...
served with HEAPS of potato wedges... ( I ain't super lover for fries of wedges.. but I seriously love theirs... the wedges definitely more than 15 pieces... crunchy, well-seasoned, good fried !! )
and generous portion of side salad with homemade dressing !!   ** super love **

Homemade Chicken Au Gratin – RM17.90
one of the house signature dish...
cheese baked layer by layer with boneless diced chicken...
recommended for cheese lover...
served with fine cut fries, potato chips and steamed veggie...

Seafood Pasta with Tomato Based
with cuttlefish, shrimps and fish
Spagethi Bolognese with Minced Chicken / Beef
Fresh Squeeze Orange Juice, rm 5.90
Fruits Jelly on-da-house 
to end our beautiful dinner

I will definitely pay my 3rd visit...
cheap price, nice foods, good environment, why not?

El Casa Wine & Dine
No2, Jalan Irrawady, 1o500 Pulau Pinang.
Tel: 604 - 229 9223, 6012 - 979 3318 (James), 6017 - 572 9988 (Colin)
Business Hours: 11am - 3pm , 6pm - 10pm

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a wOnderful bicycling weekend in GeorgetOwn~

speaking bout my fruitful weekend..

seriously been a happening and healthy one !

started to talk bout Friday nite...

was planned to happee hr @ Overtime for our latest fav band !

ended up ppk 1 by 1...

in the end...

stewpig and I challenged the Fried La La from Song River...

it was the 3rd time I had it in my life...

the last time was about 3 yrs ago...

the stalls open at 11 pm daily...

u gotta wait at least an hr + just for a rm 6 / per plate of la la !


uncle one-man-show
from cooking, serving, taking order to washing

and the customers even started queue up in front of the stall before he set up

just imagine...

every nite, alot of customers just go there for his Grilled Fish ( Ikan Panggang ) or fried seafoods...

they just dun mind to wait !

and yes.. we waited 90 mins for this plate of Fried La La ( some shellfish like clam but smaller) on that nite !
what's special ?

his special resume of Sauce , stir fry with chillie and crispy anchovies...

which I think couldn't find at other places !

Saturday mOrning,

kicked start with breaky @ Toh Soon...
yummm, Roti Bakar + half-boiled Eggs with all kind of local coffee~

more on this post *click*

after breaky,
I brought Eleen to get the nicest Coconut Tart and Egg Cake in town - Leong Khee

*click* for more info

we then off to Moontree 47 for high-tea session...
it's the first visit for Eleen and Damien..
and I guess they do like here :)

ordered mah fav French Toast from Moontree for them to try...

* here and here for more info about MoonTree 47

after attended PSC AGM meeting in the morning !
my koko won the vote for main committee :)

we planned to tak Ka La Chia in the late noon~~~

aimed the bicycles at Moontree since mah 1st visit many months ago !


I found kaki to join my ka la chia trip ! yeah~~~

4-5 old school bicycles available..

rental rm 20 from 9am - 9pm...

being told that 2 of them were post man bicycles he he !

coincidently, we bumped into Yhan & Alex when we arrived Moontree..

they planned to late lunch there...

at the end, they just joined for the healthy trip...

thus, 6 of us shared 4 bicycles...

guess where, I planned for the 1st pitt stop ??

remember the birdies...?

they now have their fixed food-menu

I lub this pigguie stool so much !!! he he

they all like the Iced Wild Flower Honey that I recommended to them !! ^^

discovered it during my first visit

Iced Fresh Watermelon Juice

Homemade Choc Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream , rm 7

it's nice.. but I love their cheese cake more !!!

Yhan tried their Cheese Baked Macaroni... rm 14

have the choice of Bacon & mushroom / Ham / Seafood

she ordered the Seafood, served with scallops, prawns and fish
the dish is nice and all of us give it a good good :)

the main course comes with this side salad...

homemade recipe with diced cucumber, tomatoes, sliced celeries, raisin + sesame seeds

stayed for 'bout an hr long...

we proceed to our 2nd destination....
Time Square to attend the Family Fiesta

before that... we stopped OCBC to let Alex withdraw some $ he he
so cool to ride bicycle and park right in front of the bank at this age on this day ! hehe

on da way to Time Square...

passing by Lebuh Armenian~

it's so fun to have no car around that area on Sunday noon~

i saw 1st Avenue !!!

we were struggling whether we should wait for the traffic light?

shall we obey the rules as a car driver too ? hehe

this guy playing the phone while we stopped for the red light !

this guy kept saying he is fetching some 'goods'

we said to go Family Fiesta for some healthy activities...

ended up went beer'ing at Soju after 10 mins walk around the event !!

we backed to Moontree after finished up a Tower of Tiger at SOJU !!!

my initial plan is to return the bicycles after dinner..

my pity Alex that fetching 'goods' through out the session kept nagging to have bitter - sweet

instead of bitter - sweet - bitter ( tiring ride to makan, after dinner, ride back again )

we had our dinner at Sai Kong Huin (here for old post)

cheap and nice dinner, 6 dishes with prawn, fish, lala, veggie, chic and soup for 6 pax, total RM 61 only including drinks !! yo hoo~~~

we ended our night with another tower of beer at Zenzibar... he he

I had a wOnderful weekend...

finger-crossed for more to come... :)

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