Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tea bReak @ Plan B with besties

Last 2 weeks, I'd spent my weekend at KL with my besties... 
The trip was actually dedicated for mah hero - Lee Hom...  
Happened to gather everyone to spend together-gether for a short but warmth weekend ^^ 
Katiakz - jenka, ycka, mungka, mika, kimka + goddess ling & P'ng... 
Eve, Je and her frens were going KL for lee hom too ^^ 
How happening was that~ 

Michael suggested us to spend some times at Plan B after knowing we gonna arrange a shopping session at Bangsar... 
It was one of Mimi's fav hangout place too...
 Apparently, we have same taste and we love it here :) 
Under same management with Ben's which I gonna blog about next.. 
But served nicer foods with reasonable prices... 
I gonna go back ! *winks


they have the specialty house brewed coffee
Caffe Mocha for myself, it's NICE, served with Almond Bisutti, Rm 8
Hot Chocolate
Ice Mocha (front)
Watermelon Juice with Lychee (back), it's fantastic !!!! greatest choice on a heaty day !!!
Dory Fish Burger, served with homemade Coleslaw and thin cut potato crips...
the portion is generous, nice fresh fillet with sesame bun...
overall is very delicious   

Mushrooms Linguine with Lemon Sauce.. can't recall the correct naming.. but it's yummy especially for mushroom lover...
better choice than the one in Ben's  

mah fav Egg Benedict with Smoked Salmon on English Muffin , rm 16delicious and cheap ! 
Apple Crumble served with Vanilla Ice Cream
overall is good, won't be too sweet
Galaxy Note users showing off... 


Jen, myself and couple headed to Stadium Merdeka for Lee Hom while the rest continue shopping in Bangsar..
thanks Mimi for the warmest hospitality and rides in KL~   ^^ 


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