Monday, June 30, 2008

a day HAe'ing wif Jes

Highly recommended this Japanese Restaurant, next to Jemput Tree.. the shop row behind Northam Hotel...
Unagi Tofu Salad.. the serving is beautiful.. but I still prefer the one from Kirishima, Cititel... the dressing used by them tastes richer and nicer... yet the portion is also bigger.. omg.. I miss it !!
Stewpig has this Seafood Teppanyaki Set!! itz so worth.. having 3 big prawns, heaps of squids and etc as you can see.. The set comes with Miso Soup, Japanese Mash Potato/ Salad + marinated Radish, Main course, Green Tea, not to miss out fruits as dessert.... such a amazing set lunch is only RM18~
Unagi Set ordered by Jes... omg... our all-tym-fav.. he he!!! same goes to this set.. with appetizer, drinks and dessert... for RM25...
I like this place.. nice deco.. create great atmosphere.. no matter day time or night time..!!
We headed to Starbucks, Gurney Place after lunch.. spent few hrs there by surving net, talking non-sence and reading my novel.. ha ha.. nothing is betta den enjoying your afternoon is such a way with ur bestest pal.. hehe wut a relaxing afternoon...

we off for a movie during evening... The Missing is simply sux tho.. I'm sorrie.. I just haven't reached the standard to understand that movie.. we felt so regret for leaving my coffee tym earlier for this movie...
don't they look alike... *only the lor-heng face expression I'm saying..

Lunch out...

Jalan Tengah...
the stall beside the Chix Rice stall..
A Bit A Bit Set is recommended... as per itz name.. it's combined a bit a bit of everything...
such as fillet, deep fried prawn, chix cutlet, egg, and some coleslaw at the side... sounds tempting isn't it?
Jawa Mee is another famous stall at Jln Tengah... I've recommended this before in my previous post.. It's instant cooked style... Fried or in Soup are both nice...

Sunshine Market

Indian Food stall that I wanted to try for so long... I always see so many ppl having it's rice wif itz colourful plate topped with a piece of banana leaf..
As usual, I din take the rice as I know I always couldn't resist to take heaps and heaps of dishes.. here, you see... my fren found it so funny I wonder why... he he
Lai Hoe well-known-Tom-Yam, Sunshine Market.. always needed to wait for long time..
Meat ball Bee Hoon in Clear Soup
our fav Singapore Bee Hoon... I can't recall what's the stall named... but itz a corner stall at the last roll facing the market.. next to "ang toh mee"
tastes good, big portion for only RM3.50

Giant Food Court - Sizzling Plate

Chinese Mushroom Chix Rice on Sizzling Plate
Chinese Mushroom Chix Mee on Sizzling Plate w Egg

Econ-Rice at Kim Chun Food Court..

the foods are ok ok... quite nice.. a thing that really attract me for 2nd visit is the varieties of dishes.... I got so excited when I see the long table of dishes..
Something that I must mention here is... the price is Cheap... I've taken 9 dishes.. including a slightly-bigger-size-than-normal-Spring-Roll and special deep fried bean curd for only Rm4.40 !!!! incredible~

Sungai Nibong Yong Tau Foo..

the foods are not bad.. got itz signature ShangHai noodle.. but the uncle taking orders is weird.. he was so rude to rush you for placing orders.. neva give ya a single second to think nor choose.. he will score if you hesitate for a sec while he is taking your order.. nvm to ask him question.. ish

in my previous post, I've talked a bout a kopi tiam at somewhere around the Pan Mee area..
this was my 2nd visit to this shop... and I tried the Mee Suah Kor that Ling Ling highly recommended.. itz not bad, I supposed.. As I'm not rily into this dish.. since it was the 1st time I having, I won't know how to compare and comment.. But Sasa said the vinegar is not that nice compared to Summer Cafe.. apparently, it has affected the taste of this bowl of thingy afterall..
* but it's cheaper a lot than Summer...

Summer Cafe

Summer Cafe, I Avenue
This is the same as the older outlet in Prangin Mall...
Zinger & Vinegar Porridge, you would have a choice of fish/ chicken/ pork.. I like it.. just something special.. and can't find at other places.. the yellowish thingy on the top is Egg.. it was the 1st time I had this kinda porridge that comes with raw egg..
the vinegar & zinger are good for 'windy-stomach'..
Fish Porridge.. Itz bit normal compared to the above.. but the congee is smooth.. gud stuff to have when you're sick...
Summer's famous Mee Suah Kor... Evelyn said.. their vinegar makes it tastes even nicer..
Seaweed + Meat ball Veggie Soup.. recommended for those who's not rily hungry but want to munch something.. something not that heavy but healthy.. *winks~
Seafood Omellete Rice Set - the Omellete contains mixed seafood, such as squid, prawn, fish, crab meat as well as sausages, cheese and etc...
it was the 1st time we ordered this, Pork/ Chicken chop in Tomato & Egg sauce Rice set.. *recommended! Yee Ching kept claiming it tastes like the fried crab in tomato paste..
CS's Fav - Chef recommended Thai Rice Set.. none of us can remember its full name.. the rice comes with minced pork in Thai special sause and fried egg on the top.. it tastes a bit spicy.. if you not favor with rice.. Noodle set is available as well...
Yee Ching's fav - Seafood Tom served with 筒仔面, something like wan tan mee type of egg noodle instead of maggie mee.. as shown from the picture.. it has lotsa ingredient.. mushroom, baby corn, carrot, prawn, fish, squid and etc..

their service speed is kinda slow.. advise for those who are having short break time.. better go earlier.. like before 12pm.. my teammates had been waited for an hr before.. but for the previous visit.. I supposed they have tried to improve their service speed.. we didn't wait that long eventhough it was a big number of us..

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tzu-Chi yummy lunch box... ^^

慈濟川緬膚苦難 大愛行善聚福緣 ~ 五月份齋戒月素食飯盒 26/05-30/05
The vegetarian-meals are served free for the month of May.. Started from 2003, Tzu Chi has lauched this Vegetarian Month on Every May of the year. This is to encourage people to go for a healthier life..
The lunch box is given out free for the whole week.. whoever that wish to pay, could just donate the lump sum to Tzu Chi International Relief Funding for help Myanmar & China.

I wanted to order for the whole week.. since no one is going to join me.. I ended up placing the orders for Mon - Wed only.. abit regreted after that.. as the foods are so yum yum yum !!! *winkz... ^^
I just love Vegetarian foods SO MUCH !!!
I was so looking forward to see the diff diff dishes everyday... hehe...
1st day.. ignore the Curry chix next to the lunch box.. he he..
2nd day.. vegetarian duck !!
3rd day.. Sweet potato oo.. :P
15th of lunar calendar.. I ordered again.. it costs only RM3.50.. omg.. the dishes are SO YUMMY !!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

GFS team building

1st session of GFS team building...
3pm Made of Honor + Small Combo set of 16oz soft drink and Caramel Popcorn..
the movie is a lot more nicer den what I expected.. worth drops of tears for few scenes... highly recommended !!!
2nd session - Amazing Treasure Hunt @ Qbay Small... 5pm
our team colour... - GOLD !!

the request at station 3 was to take a group pic with Sakae Mr Floggy..
we hafta arrive EQ by 7pm for the last 3 stations..
Gold team performed Lion Dance with the song of 'Cai Shen Dao' !!
doesn't it cute and creative? he he... funny!!! (Cynthia, our director joined us too... !! he he )

Last station, Mummy-making... no doubt the candidate to be wrapped as mummy has fallen to me.. since I'm the SHORTEST among em.. he he.. Global Warming!!! smaller size gonna use lesser paper roll.. !!!! datz da point man~ *winks

tada... Miss GFS of the century~
mummy-mummy sekalian...
after claiming the door-gift.. we couldn't wait to go for the Buffet BBQ dinner...
I got this Olive shower Gel... ^^ I like Olive!!
my fav corner!! SALAD !! Jackson and I were so happee while we saw the Cranberry Dressing is available there... ^^
I always go for dessert at my 2nd round.. as I know if I leave em to the last.. I might get too full to try em.. I took a small piece of everything and had a small bite on each of em.. den only go for my 3rd round.. he he.. I reckon the dessert in Rasa is nicer afterall...
my 2nd fav spot.. TaCO !!! yum yum.. I like the minced lamb but actually the minced chix tastes nicer.. slightly spicy

Laksa Corner...
Yong Tao Fu.. the least attractive corner on the nite..

There are..Terrengganu Beef Rendang, Sambal Kacang, Kelantan Curry Fish and etc etc.. the beef is nice and tender... the Sambal Long Bean is recommended..!!
The soup of the nite is Cream of Spinach & Almond.. the other pot is actually Dumpling Soup..
Grilled Corner... (prawn, squid, fish, steak & lamb chop are available..) unfortunately, I was too fulled to try this out.. the queue was alwiz so long at this corner.. you were found so lazy to queue up just for the sake of 1 or 2 pieces of meats (I don't eat seafood!) after such a long day...

plenty of diff sauces & dressing are available for the grilled stuff..
Satay Corner.. - Lamb & Chic.. The peanut sauce is quite nice.. kinda munchy..

Ice-Kacang... must ve topped up with a scoop of ice-cream frm another section!!!
Prize-Giving Session...
Our group has won the 3rd prize for Treasure Hunt..
some lil compensation for us since none of us has got nothing from the lucky draw... hehe
GOLD spirit goes on!!!!

I was worn-out that nite as I 'ran-So-hard' during the treasure hunt.. ha ha.. which rily impressed Ivan a lot.. I gt no idea why he keeps saying this.. ha ha..
I'm very satisfied with the day afterall.. itz a gud one !! *winkz~

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