Sunday, June 15, 2008

weekend wif her.... ^^

Sat... Jon invited my parents for his event in New World Park.. it was the Final of the Oldies Singing Contest.. I was once part of the planner for this event!!! I was the one suggested it!! am happee to see it running so well and successfully... the feedback were Good... so crowded!!!
We had our dinner at ShangHai xiao long pao.. itz owner is dad'z fren.. the foods are nice.. I like itz Ginger soup sesami Tong yun!!! nice nice!!! ^^

Jes came to meet me up.. so nice of her.. bought lil monster this cap and a baby Gap teddy polo tee... ^^
it was so nice to have her in mah pic again!! :)
I met SO many frens in NWP dt nite..

we headed to Sunrise Mc D after din.. the weather was just too warm & humid for Mamak..

Sun.. Happee Daddy'z Day..
finally, the Pu Lor Durian trip dt I've been asking for so many weeks is happened this weekend!!
Sis's frens were joinning too... 22 of us.. so happening.. :)
jst too bad dt we din end up go to the Fruit Farm that I planned to.. We've been driving the path back and forth.. still couldnt find the place that Pris mentioned to me.. We ended up 'settle' our durian craving at this Leg-Brand-Stall..
the diff diff type of durian names are So Funny !!
**plz take note at the 1st label on the right of 2nd row.. How on earth will a Durian call Lan Jiao Yuan..?? I so curious wif itz taste.. unfortunately.. it was sold out! ha ha.. and only the famous-super-costly-Lin-Fung-Jiao..pplz frm KL will purposely came up for it!! can ya imagine? there's also Kentucky... I wonder if it tastes like the fried chix.. he he

hmmm.. the durians din rily gain our satisfaction afterall.. nvm the Manggis.. oh my god.. they were bad!! so does the rambutans... I'm a Manggis super fan.. tho I love ALL kind of fruits.. yet still Manggis is alwiz the top of mah fav list..
such being da case... the fun + happiness dt created throughout the trip that were matter!! *winkz..

see this 2 babies meet at the-'Peak'-of-da-Durian..

we had dinner at Korea Palace for Daddy'z day..
koko wanted to try since it opened.. the foods are not bad.. prices are reasonable too.. the most important is.. the Services were GOOD..!! it'z the thing dt I bother the most... no wonder the business is so good..
tho we call em the side dishes, I alwiz take em playing the most important role in Korean Cuisine.. da marinated eggplant is yum yum!!!
Kimchi Stew, we ordered the additional RamYuen to go wif it.. everyone likes it.. ^^ you can ask for add soup tho... ^^
Hot & Spicy Octopus and noodles.. **yum yum yum
ko said the Grilled King Prawns are nice and fresh¬
Grilled beef ribs.. for Korean tradition, all the meats should go wif the vege.. in order to cool down the heaty frm BBQ... I was so happee when I saw mah fav Pumpkin!!! *winkz..
Marinated Hot & Spicy Pork & Squid.. **recommended.. as well as the Marinated Pork w Soy sauce.. * yum yum !!
Teriyaki Chicken.. it tasted far nicer den wut I expected!!Jin Seng Chix Soup...
ppl dt were not in this pic..--> Linna&Sam, Daryl's Parents + 2 Nephews..
but still, the nicest Korean food dt I had, were the one in Ampang.. the 1st korean Rest dt I've been to.. and the one in Melbourne!! i miss it so much !!!!

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