Monday, June 30, 2008

Lunch out...

Jalan Tengah...
the stall beside the Chix Rice stall..
A Bit A Bit Set is recommended... as per itz name.. it's combined a bit a bit of everything...
such as fillet, deep fried prawn, chix cutlet, egg, and some coleslaw at the side... sounds tempting isn't it?
Jawa Mee is another famous stall at Jln Tengah... I've recommended this before in my previous post.. It's instant cooked style... Fried or in Soup are both nice...

Sunshine Market

Indian Food stall that I wanted to try for so long... I always see so many ppl having it's rice wif itz colourful plate topped with a piece of banana leaf..
As usual, I din take the rice as I know I always couldn't resist to take heaps and heaps of dishes.. here, you see... my fren found it so funny I wonder why... he he
Lai Hoe well-known-Tom-Yam, Sunshine Market.. always needed to wait for long time..
Meat ball Bee Hoon in Clear Soup
our fav Singapore Bee Hoon... I can't recall what's the stall named... but itz a corner stall at the last roll facing the market.. next to "ang toh mee"
tastes good, big portion for only RM3.50

Giant Food Court - Sizzling Plate

Chinese Mushroom Chix Rice on Sizzling Plate
Chinese Mushroom Chix Mee on Sizzling Plate w Egg

Econ-Rice at Kim Chun Food Court..

the foods are ok ok... quite nice.. a thing that really attract me for 2nd visit is the varieties of dishes.... I got so excited when I see the long table of dishes..
Something that I must mention here is... the price is Cheap... I've taken 9 dishes.. including a slightly-bigger-size-than-normal-Spring-Roll and special deep fried bean curd for only Rm4.40 !!!! incredible~

Sungai Nibong Yong Tau Foo..

the foods are not bad.. got itz signature ShangHai noodle.. but the uncle taking orders is weird.. he was so rude to rush you for placing orders.. neva give ya a single second to think nor choose.. he will score if you hesitate for a sec while he is taking your order.. nvm to ask him question.. ish

in my previous post, I've talked a bout a kopi tiam at somewhere around the Pan Mee area..
this was my 2nd visit to this shop... and I tried the Mee Suah Kor that Ling Ling highly recommended.. itz not bad, I supposed.. As I'm not rily into this dish.. since it was the 1st time I having, I won't know how to compare and comment.. But Sasa said the vinegar is not that nice compared to Summer Cafe.. apparently, it has affected the taste of this bowl of thingy afterall..
* but it's cheaper a lot than Summer...

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