Friday, August 29, 2008

Hadyai Family & Frens Trip - day 1

I used to tell around that Hadyai is my "hOmetown".. hehe.. I like Hadyai verie muchie... we alwiz had weekend trips to Hadyai while I was young... at least 5 or 6 times in a year... I must pay a visit to Hadyai every 2 mths.. soon and later... since the econ crisis in 1997... the sequence of travelling has been cut down to at least 2 or 3 times a year...
some ppl might wonder that what is so fun there making me to like it so much...? the answer is No.. it is just a small, tiny undeveloped town.. when I was young, I loved going there to buy those 'lap zap' stuff, dat I used to say... like the stationeries and unneccessary thingy... when I grown older.. I do find it wasting $.. perhaps , I've getting bored with those thingy.. tho they do always try to upgrade their products, like new brands every season, but they're more or less the same stuff still..

I started to crave for their foods...!! gOsh.. nowadays, Foods, bras & lingeries, massage are the intentions that I go there for...
The last time I went there was the trip before I headed for Aussie.. which was 2 yrs+ ago.. oh my.. I neva left there for so long before! can imagine how much I missed there?
I was so exccited throughout the whole trip.. too bad, katiakz cudnt join us.. orelse this trip gonna turn up to be so wonderful, with family, kurtie & mah soul mates... Jes started working in S'pore, Stef was on her Aussie trip, Mung is in KL...

we planned to depart at 7am... after the breaky at Bt Lanchang market and stopped-by at Changlun... and the terrible-long-queue at the Border... the time we checked in was 1pm d..
no doubt, my 1st destination, 1st meal to have after arriving must go to the Pork Leg Rice at Odean Shopping Mall...
it is always so delicious afterall.... porkleg, boiled egg, bean curd and kai lan on Jasmine Thai Rice with heaps of gravy... imagine~ the beautiful aroma~ hmmmm..... ^^

the Mee Stall next to the pork leg rice is yum yum too.. I always can't make up my mind to have which one.. so.. normally I would order both.. cuz I know they could be finished all for sure.. he he.. I won't order the TomYam.. as I like to add the flavour by myself... clear soup + Thai Chilli Powder + sour chilli sauce + splash of peanut = Amazing !!! kimmie recipe is nicer than Tomyam !! they used to have a fried Yam Ball which was really nice... they told me they have not prepared it for a while d.. due to the high cost of it.. so sad...

after lunch, the next destination must be bra-session !! We dropped Odean.. since their choices are getting lesser and lesser... and headed to Central !! while the guyz-guyz sekalian went for a full-body-massage without waiting us gals.. ish.. mou yi hei !!

We always try new things !!! This is a new stuff they recently I supposed..
they are the bun like our Roti Bak Kua, 3 choices of filling, Butter Sugar, Meat Floss or Pandan KAya... I bought the Kaya, as the aroma is smelling so well !!! she put ALOT of kaya in it !!! yum yum~ the bun is warm and soft~

The sushi and sashimi look nice, aren't they..? We didn't try it.. photos taken from the Japz Rest in our hotel, Sukhunta Hotel... (name in Thai)

Ryan brought us to a new place for dinner, we drove bout half an hr to Songkla for it.. the restaurant is located at the sea side.. we sat at the long table on the extention they built out to the sea... it is romantic... without the mosquitoes~ the sky is getting dark while we arrived there.. ko ko didn't allow me to go further for photo taking.. the sceneries are awesome..

TOm Yam Kung
Mango Kelabu
Stir-fry Kai Lan w Salted Fish
Thai Style Stir-Fry Crab Meat
Fried Fish in Thai Sweet & Spicy Sauce.. the meat of the fish is so thick and juicy... tho it has been fried...
Steamed Fish in Thai Style.. bit spicy, bit sour... with a lot of garlic and coriander..
this is special... Fried Chix w water chestnut and Cashew Nuts... tastes slightly sweet.. nice... I like the idea of using the water chestnut, so crunchy and sweet!!
Grilled Squid... without any marination.. simply grilled it with a splash of salt... can taste the freshness and juicy of the squid..
Prawn & Onion Omelette... must-order-list..
show time for Aaron Lim... he has succeed to entertain the whole table of us... ha ha.. he always the entertainment king..
this was our table !! 30 of us.. including adults and kids...
I don't really satisfy with the foods that night.. I reckon the one Ryan brought us to the last time was far nicer... "Log Terrace".. foods here just normal... nothing rily special.. but we keen to TRY !!
after dinner... Ryan's frens brought us to the biggest night market in Hadyai.. and I saw this !! my lOve !!! he looks Fabulous !!! guess wut..? the no plate of it is " 777 ".. it is meant to be mine !!
It is so random to see it in pure white... those I met before were normally in beidge or pearl white.. muaRksSss~

the colourful Siu Mai~

eventhough all of us have eaten SO much during dinner... I supposed our tummies have no empty space for other food no more... but....... how would we give away these precious moment to eat More & mOre leh..?
we off to hotel for a 20 mins short break.. and went down again for Bird Nest ! 11 ish in the night.. wut is better to do than having a zhi yon bird nest before heading to bed?
after the zhi yon session.. the guyz cont' to chuck those sampah but delicious foods to their tummies again...
Oyster Fried... thai style Oyster omellete is in deep fried... not the same w those in Penang...
Big-Head Prawn

Mango Pulut !!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

another visit to HAgey~

3rd Aug SUNday... I joined stewpig to Hagey together with his mum & lil bro... they wanted to have something sweet after dinner on his moody-nite....
My fav order.. Flower Blossom.. a good choice for sharing as you could choose from 6 flavors of ice-cream.. the sizes of the ice-cream are smaller from the normal scoop... The waffle is always so crispy and tasty.. (I don't like the waffle from Baskin, it's SO sweet...)

We ordered this for his bro... Chocolate Brownie Explosion... a great choice for choc lover~
they served the melted-hot-to-warm-choc in another lil jug.. we hafta pour around the choc on top of the ice-cream and brownie by ourselves... I would suggest not to pour All the choc at a time.. orelse gonna find it too rich and heavy... no doubt the choc is Nice.. unlike those from Baskin... Only sweet to describe it ! the brownie served with a scoop of Midnight Chocolate Cookies & Cookies and Cream.. the flavor of ice-cream could be changed as you like.. but I reckon these 1 flavors go well with the choc brownie tho..

Since they have ordered 2 big serves of ice-cream... I would go for a double scoop of my All-Tym-Fav-In-Hagey-LemonSorbet!!!!!!!
MMmmmmm~yummy~ ^^ those who favors sour foods would like this very much !!!!
I happened to influence quite a number of my frens to have love it too.... winkz~

Friday, August 15, 2008

Set-Lunch at Oriental Seafood

[ 5 July' 08 ]today~~ Je and I were on leave... no doubt, we must 'fully-utilise' our beautiful-off-day... *weEe~ ^^
1st... we met for lunch with Zoe, Jes and.. muahahha.. Mung was back!! kinda surprise for us.. apparently, it was such a great decision that I on-leave!!! he he...
I suggested to try the Set-lunch at Oriental Seafood.. Xandra has told me about this since months ago... but I never have chance to try it out... here we go~
the view could be very nice.. IF you don't mind the rubbish/ plastic bags/ bottle & etc flowing on the sea... but the set-lunch is worth a try~
there are number of variesties for the rice-set (RM5.50) as well as the mee/beehoon set (RM4.50)..
Je je ordered the Nasi Lemak.. as the pic shown.. there are fried fish, piece of chix, prawn, egg and cucumber..
I had the Wang Zhao Jun Fish BeeHoon Soup.. tasted bit sour.. as it cooked with the kiam cai and asam...
this is very worth!!! Blackpepper Hae-Kor w rice.. diff cooking style are available as you like... the portion of hae-kor is a lot.. till Jes couldn't finish it... itz kinda weird to serve the rice with chips at the side... we got no idea with it.. haha..
the meal comes with a serve of Seaweed Soup as well.... and this is only RM5.50!
Mung: Teow Chew Mee Teow... ( her all-tym-fav...) yum yum **
Side order: Homemade Spring Roll.. both of them have the diff fiiling... one is like the Hai Nam style.. with turnip, cabbage, carrot & minced pork.. whereas another one stuffed with ku chai...
after lunch, I brought Jes to the Taro Card Teller that she has been 'nagging' for so long.. we had a temple trip at Siam Temple and Sleeping Buddha Temple... he he
relaxing like a tourist~

We took a photo here 3 yrs+ before...


Thursday, August 14, 2008

A pai-kah-Sunday-out with family~ ^^

Sunday... 13-07-2008
ko ko has promised to treat me at Chilis since i got back from Aussie... this was the 1st tym i ever stepped in Chilis.. pai sei~ don't mind me please....
yeah.. finally we made it today !!
Ko Ko just being too mou liu.. this pic is performing so expressive all because of the expression of Je Fu.. ha ha.. what a Candid photo is this...
I named it -KenAss- ha ha..
started with the bottomless-fruit-juices... guava/ tomoto/ pineapple/ lemon/ orange/ apple are the choices...
i've lost the receipt.. thus.. no way to name out the orders as below... itz been a month time since we had this.. i couldn't recall what had we ordered d....

see the giant portion of this SALAD !! if you think of going for something light.. and fresh... Never ever order the salad in Chilis.. only if there is someone to share with.. the portion is Huge and horrible.. no way for me to finish it by no chance.. tried all my best to settle the veggie.. but not even quarter portion of the chicken cutlet.. gOsh.. have been looking forward to try this out a long long tym.. since Colleen so highly recommended it... perhaps i got too high expectation on it.. it doesn't taste bad just ain't something i favor... cuz of the huge portion? -Avocado Dressing-

after lunch + shop, we paid Ah Ma a visit at 5 cik's house.. she just discharged from hospital the day before..

Aaron suddenly required my sis to take a pic of him sitting there.. ha ha.. so cute.. his sis, ME of cuz won't forgo this chance to jump-into the screen tho.. ha ha
our next destination is Ta-Da... Haagen-Dazs... Kimmie's all time super duper Fav !!!! he he *wEeee...

without any hesitation, Je je and ko ko must go for their everytime-da-same-order --> Banana Split... they would Never try any other thing... as we all love Banana~!!! he he

Stewpig had this Hagey Caffe Affogato that highly recommended by me.. I always told him about this.. happee that finally he got to try it.. no doubt he likes it very much... ^^
just imagine... beautiful aroma of illy coffee topped up with a scoop of Haggen-Dazs Vanilla ice cream... Amazing~~!!

I tried something new this time.. ordered this Strawberry Crepe.. I changed the ice cream to Tiramisu and Strawberry Cheesecake..
I missed the crepes in Aussie.. this one not bad too... *satisfaction... :)

please don't mind it.. my bro thought this was his home... just let him imagines that he is sleeping on his couch.. ha ha...=

it was 5 ish to 6 when we done our satisfaction hae'ing moments at Hagey.. too early to go for dinner.. We were totally out of idea where should we go.. cuz we known we would be very lazy to come out again for dinner if we heading home now...

just when everyone is wondering where to go... Daddy came out a suggestion...--> Youth Park~ no joke !!
We really headed to Youth Park.. ha ha!!! excited tho! ppl there might think I'm weird.. wearing high heels to such a place and playing on the gym equipments.. ha ha.. but we Enjoyed~ ^^
We still able to 'carry-up' ourselves... mummy and je je tried it too.. haha
Mummy likes this~ ^^
we were pointing at Nuthing.... don't mind us... We ended this wonderful Sunday a.k.a. Koay'z family day at MA LA !! Je Fu suggested Ma La for dinner... actually none of us was really in the mood for ma la after such a long day... as we were so fulled just felt like having something light but not buffet steamboat kinda dinner.. since he has been suggested this for months.. yes.. I meant many times in this few months.. but everytime just got rejected due to someone was having sore throat or things like that.. Hence, we made his wish come true tonite.. he he
I kept telling stewpig that I wanted bring him to try this out... as my mission is to train him to become a "excellent-spicy-eater"... ha ha.. wut a name..? Therefore, it ain't any bad idea to go for Ma La tonite tho.. he he...
ko ko is trying to act "sumone" .. he he
He is Struggling !!!!!!

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