Sunday, March 30, 2008

mah last busy weekend before entering into no-no-wOrking-life..

this weekend..considers a very busy yet special days for me, n my budds... our Nicky is getting married !!!! gOsh.. till this moment, i still hardly believe that I'm attending my fren's wedding ceremony... while seeing her wearing the wedding gown.. I was like inside a dream.. I used to involve those procedures in my sis's frens wedding... bt now.. itz the turn for MY fren.. in a word, WE ARE OLD d.... sigh..

Fri... I picked Leng up to SEntral, finally.. she has made up her mind to take up the tourism course. I am so happee for her. I accompanied her to consult bout the course, if everything is going smoothly, she might start the course in mid of april.. *pray hard for her.. he he...

we then received the call from Mung, said she has arrived pg d.. We picked her up from the bus station.. happee to see her be home again.. ha ha... We had a Hens night out wif Nicky-the-bride-to-be.. he he.. at Lio'z.. not to mention that, I was the one suggested the venue.. ha ha.. itz been a month I din happen to go there d... before that, I had dinner with my family at Chok Dee Thai... uncle gave us a treat.. the food there were nice.. but service bit.. ahem... cant say bad.. bt jz slow.. and not organized well ya..? perhaps.. still new, shud have sumore arrangement with the management.

We were so noisy at Lioz.. hehe.. as u know, noises all around when a bunch of grsSs gathered together... they all backed earlier and left only mung, Jen n I there.. the restaurant supposed to close at 1am.. but they just delayed for bout 45 mins that night.. we too not realized that we have stayed till so late.. guess they were too into their singing world d..

wOke up early morning on Sat.. to drop je to airport.. gt her sms jz nw n said she has arrived US d.. thought wanted to sleep back after home.. who knows, the phone just couldnt stop from ringing.. our mr Belvin was so eagerly to go singing at Red.. Mung, Leng & I have been waking up by his calls.. hehe.. so happee happee that, i gt to eat Haagen-Dazs before going to Red.. *winks¬ Huan n Bel were having the Fondue when we gt there.. muahahhaa... apparently, my mood has been cheerie cheered up since then.. he he he...

they kept delaying for the plans.. we supposed to off from Red bout 4ish.. and go gym at Bel's.. ish.. LEng n i ended up dont get to go jogging, as she started working at 1830.. around 8ish.. we went to Nicky's for her lao-tiah-meh.. and another failed-plan happened.. we were planned to go Mois last nite.. for the event.. I canceled it at last, since everyone seemed so worn out.. and out of mood.. we left Nicky's quite late, after watching all the ceremonies.. gOsh.. so unbelievable !!

this morning, again woke up early morning.. went to Nicky's again.. I've planned lotsa tricky idesa to fool around the groom before letting him to meet his wifey... he was gentleman and sporting.. bt not to his 'brothers', our ji-muizZz.. have been hurted by em.. as they were so rude to pull us away from the door side.. yet they didn't rily fulfill all of our requirements though.. aiks.. while I driving to the groom's house.. and played the honk during the way, I again felt so unbelievable.. since small, I've attended uncountable wedding ceremonies.. everytime I must be the one sitting at the back and joining in the fun, but this time, I was the one fetching my budds and playing the honk around.. gOsh gOsh !!!

it was a tiring day.. and now I hafta prepare myself for the dinner d...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

thePlayGround Creative Bazaar 2008

14th & 15th March, TARcollege...

the 2nd round of Creative Bazaar has been ended beautifully over the weekend. we all agreed that.. students from Tar are rily far more passionate den any other colleges... they give gud responses and supportive...
feeling gud to go back to Tar again after so many yrs.. recently.. everything surrounding me.. rily making me feel dt.. as days passed.. I ve gt my ass off teenage life for ages d... the freshie this yr were borned in 1990..
gOsh.. us.. are from 80'S.. oh my.. diff generation tho~!!

we met lotsa juniors these few days... been telling em bout our experiences from organizing functions last time.. feel happee to have this chance to share our thought together wif em.. i can see.. they did enjoy listening to our stories... ^^


we used to party hard in Aussie.. bt.. it was the 1st time we party in PEnang.. ha ha.. we both missed Melbourne alot..

haha.. been ages never take photos wif him.. mr chi lei gan.. we no longer have much topics to talk.. we used to be so 'bro&sista'.. bt all have just become a memory..
2006 in Melbourne.. the lOft..
2008, Penang [mOis]


23rdFeb, 2008.... Saturday...
Png n I took 1130am bus to kl... B kor was so nice to fetch us to the bus station.. he he.. itz been a long time.. png n I never sit down and talk-non-stop.. since he went to kl for studies... everytym we met must be those gathering with whole gang.. hardly have chance to spend time like last time anymore... remember.. he was the one accompanied a lot during my-very-hard-tym.. we were gud mates for each other.. as that period.. he was so unhappee as well... I feel glad that we can still so closed after 2 yrs..
he is a very nice guy.. that make me feel so happee to see Mung has him as hubby hubby.. no doubt i know he gonna give Mung a gud life.. n cherish her to the fullest.. they too passed through lotsa barriers in their relationship.. i feel proud for them.. ^^
I must thx mrPng for this trip.. he has been taking care of me a lot.. and also mrPongChu that.. being our 'driver' throughout the whole trip.. he he
my fav Lor Han Koh in Chi Cheong Kai.. gOsh..din hate it for yearsSs... our 1st lunch.. before off to Jay's Concert..

back to Jay Concert.. gOsh.. he is Awesome... he played lotsa instruments throughout the concert.. not to mention Piano... for sure, guitar, GuZheng, drum... as well as suang jie gun and Che Ling.. no doubt he has paid so much efforts and $$ for this concert.. almost every 2 songs.. they gonna play fireworks once... they were beautiful... felt ashamed that we din pay more for the tics.. we shud have bought nearer tics.. to enjoy the this great show.. ^^ he was so bad that din sing my 我不配 !! grRrrrrrr....
during the concert.. the ending wasnt nice enuf... we din feel like leaving this place.. ha ha
happee happee that.. I gt to makan at Murni !!! muahhahaha
Mee RajaRoti Beckham...砂煲老鼠粉 da sambal was so nice..Cheese-Garlic-Naan
2nd day morning.. Png led us to have his fav beef-balls-noodles..
this is the place..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

buh bye...

18032008 [1530]

I ended my current job from PlayGround.. phew~ my life gonna start another new journey.. to step further to my unknown-future..

I believe it gonna be a gud turn-over for me.. new start-new life-newME...

have faith... bleSs ME....


Sunday, March 9, 2008


going to Kek Lok Si during Chinese New Year is another annual routine for my family.. the deco and lighting of Kek Lok Si are getting more n more attractive + beautiful year by year... I am proud of it !
most of the words you seen in Kek Lok Si were written by my granny.. my beloved ah Kong... I remember.. when I was young, whenever we went to there with my granny.. my ah Kong will very hao lian and told me that those words were written by him for Kek Lok Si.. He never meant to be hao lian.. he might just feel proud to tell his nieces + nephew bout his good works.. n now.. I am so proud to tell my frens about his brilliant works...
we were planned to do prayer for HIM.. bt too bad.. gong gong hasnt been 'moving out' to the main hall yet..
Itz shameful dat I still didn't receive my LOMO camera... apparently, I've missed this great chance to take photos off these beautiful scenes.. silly me still thought I may get it before CNY.. sigh~
je je has donated for this roof tile on behalf of Cayden... ^^
we had one of our fav laksa after the Kek Lok Si Trip... since we din get to have it on Cheh Yit..

Feb babies...

heaps of frens burfday in Feb... apparently.. i gOtta spend a lot for those fEb babies...
valentine's day... also Jen dear'z buRfday.. celebrated at my hOuse..
11th - mEileng.. sega&Bed.. feel glad dt.. we gt to share lotsa sam si on that nite...
15th - mR belvin kai kOr...
20th - mEgan
22nd.. my mate.. XandraSue... n my dear - Png aka "mRsKwan" he he
24th - my daRling sis... it was her 21st biggie biggie buRfday... she celebrated at Seawind.. a bungalow stay with the theme of Casino Night... too bad.. I din get to overnite with em.. was too tiring.. yet hafta wOrk on the next day.. my gRr has grown up d.. she is now an 'adult' d.. gOsh... I am Old d..

Saturday, March 8, 2008

paRty paRty...

itz been a lOoong tym I never party with him & her... ha ha... coincidently, we happened to meet in there that nite...
it alwiz so fun to meet frens all around when partying... he he.. it was a 'free-n-easy-gRz-nite' wif Xandra.. mah party-mate..SURprise~ happee to meet em there.. ^^
I like this Live Band performance in SS... they are COOl !!