Saturday, March 8, 2008


today.. I saw a comment from my blog.. it was so impressive...
all the while, I lOve to receive comments from others.. a lil words will just cheer me up a lot.. bt I seldom gt any tho... ish... sometimes, few words can rily show that.. somewhere in this world.. do have some one thatz caring bout u.. concerning bout ya..
at 1st.. when I looked at the comment.. I wondered who on earth is this guy.. only when I clicked on his page... I realized dt it was Him... oh my.. my "lao gong-ed".. ha ha
itz been ages since the last time we met up.. I felt even touched when I saw my name appeared in his blog.. it sounds silly tho.. bt it just cant be expressed..
I would say I will alwiz gt satisfaction easily... sometimes, just some lil thingy.. will simply cheer me up.. whenever I receive some words from others, especially from those 'long-lost-buddies-.. gOsh.. I will SO happee for even few days.. perhaps just a simple " Hie " will too brighten up my days...
Its alwiz so amazing to have known that therez someone else in this world that is remembering you..

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