Sunday, March 2, 2008

29th Feb... @ Rasa

once in every 4 yrs... 29thFeb... ^^

happee buRfday to Carene

... mwah~

we went for buffet dinner at Rasa Sayang to celebrate with her.. mah kOay Family and je's fellow ji muizZz and heng daizZz... 16 of us..

foods were not too bad.. bt i wont recommend.. as it was considered quite expensive.. $130++ nt including alcohor...yet the choices are far lesser den Jogoya.. which offered in a cheaper rate wif countless foods... when I dined in at Jogoya the other day.. I only tasted a bite off every dishes.. itz really jit tor... bt I still cudnt try all of the foods there.. imagine how much choices was there...? yet it has my fav Haagen dazs * winkszZz.. yum yum yum.. worth of all ~! n baskin too...

bt RaSa has something that Jogoya doesnt have.. which is variety choices of dessert.. those cakes were yum yum..
This pic was specially taken for Eu.. Caramel thingy~
Fresh Squeeze Juices dt I can mix n mix as I wish.. *wee
Crepes~ with hotchoc+ choc ice cream on top + peaches + rapsberries + almondflakes +nuts.. = AWESOME !! --->
choc fondue.. and also variety of cheese tasting...
mah 1st-Station... Salad Corner... I gt so excited when I saw it.. I alwiz go crazie wif Salads.. it has been ages dt I din get to make salads for myself nor frens d... gOsh.. I missed mah-kimmie-Caesar...

Shark-fin-Soup + biggie prawn on top.. Chix + Salmon Caesar Salad prepared by Kim, eaten by kOkO..
kImmie fav UNAGI !!! heaven~this looks normal.. bt the soup was just so tasty.. ^^
last pic taken before hOme... buh bye~

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