Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hakka Cuisine...

Anyone who favors Hakka foods could try out this.. this Hakka rest located behind Penang Plaza.. it doesnt offer much choices in the menu.. itz like the eat-wut-I-cooked kinda style.. we almost ordered wutever they offered in their menu.. they're all nice to worth a try... :)

inside the shop.. they're exhibition of the histories and antique stuff..the homemade NutMeg drink is famous there.. itz a Must-Try! they produce a lot of nutmeg products.. We saw em peeling the whole backet of fruits dt day..
I like the way they serve the Chinese Tea.. it's just RM1 per pax..
擂茶, I've been hearing this for many tymz..but it was the 1st tym I saw it.. the bowl of soup is actually Tea.. comes together wif the rice.. guess this is how the name of the dish comes from.. it is nice !
算盘子.. another signature of Hakka Cuisine.. this was the reason brought us to this shop.. daddy so dying to try it.. daddy said his fren's mum alwiz cooked him this dish while he was young.. it's been ages since the last tym he had it... it taste a bit like 汤圆.. but it's actually made from Taro..
Hakka Noodles.. nice nice yummy¬!!
Yong Tau fu... the stuffing inside are nice and tasty.. they're minced pork instead of those fish-ball.. I like it..!! the special pork-ball is recommended !!

Fried shui-kao is nice..
白果薏米腐竹糖水.. my all-tym-fav.. ^^ *winkz

haPpee MOther's Day...

Vanue: Ferringghi Garden, Penang
Guest Invited: PoPo ^^, daddy, mummy, je je, je fu, ko ko, ah yee, yee cheong, aunty Pong, Linna, Sam, Daryl's mummy, Daryl's daddy, Daryl's 3rd + 4th nephew, Aaron, ME & lil mOnster-Cayden Chuah
Time & date: 11th May' 2008, 1930

This restaurant started business for quite a few years d, I supposed, but I never been there, since it locates at about the end of Bt. Ferringghi, further than Park Royal Hotel. Je je recommended it, as she went before with her "maid" during X'mas eve.
The place is awesome.. from the atmosphere, decoration, environment... so to the musics playing all night.. everything is just amazing.. the foods hmmm... are OK.. can't categorize as those **recommended.. but to itz acceptable prices.. they're considering bei pai d!!! The foods there taste nice.. just not up to 5 stars standard.. he he.. one thing that I wanna promote bout the restaurant is... they use MovenPick ICe-Cream for itz desserts !!! Amazing, isn't it..? I so wanted to try the Choc Cheese Cake wif Movenspick ICe-cream.. but I was too fulled to order it.. We couldn't even finish half of those cakes je fu bought for every-Mummies-on-da-table from
Secret Recipe...
gifts for mummiesSs....
Carnation prepared by Ko.. flying lOve stitched by me..
while waiting waiting... ^^
Garlic Bread worth ***
Ko - Tomato Soup... *
Je - Mushroom Soup..

Grilled Rosemarry Chicken w butter rice.. Ko - Lobster & Tiger Prawn.. wif Cashew Nuts dressing..
I had this Grilled Salmon Steak w baby potatoes.. STeak...
Sizzling Mongolia Beef ...
A cuppa Espresso after meal..
this lil monster catches everyone attention.. the waitress just loves him so much..
Our luvly Family.. ^^
a pic wif Daryl je fu's parents.. lil mOnster made everyone laughing insanely.. ha ha
kimmie w 4 mOmmies :)
No 1 greatest mUmmy in da house.. Po Po.. mou chan jit fai lok¬
happee Mother's Day Mummy !!! ^^
1st mummy's day for Je Je... ^^

Po Po w fellow grandchildren.. + 1 grate grandchild...
see how beautiful the place is...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Canoe/ Malibu day..

after 3 yrs+, we went Canoe again!!!! he he.. luckily the weather turned so nice after lunch.. so comfy... ^^ I nearly jump into the sea and swim, swim, swim... haha.. I'm sure I wouldn't stop myself from duin so.. if the water is Cleaner... IF...
1,2.. 1,2..
so sweet of us... :)
ta da.. we were actually "pretending" in the previous pics.. he he.. anyone gt tracked..? thx to the gud phototaking technique of Mr Stewpig..
we did paddle out to the sea.. far far away tim.. just we couldn't bring along our cam while paddling.. thus, we hafta do such "fake" actions to snap these few photos... *sigh...
can you feel the unwilling and pitiness from my expression..?
Mr & Mrs P'ng.. gosh.. he has been slimmed down alot.. bo kam buan!!
hello.. Chloe... Vyn's house..
that night, we had a high skoolmates gathering cum farewell wif Eve in Lio'z.. she is going to Singapore on Sunday.. she has been transfered to the Eprit in Singapore.. we gonna miss her.. *sOb..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

welcOme kOoi chyn's baby bOi to this world !!! *winkz...

21st May, 2008...kOoi Chyn has delivered her baby bOi.. !!! he he.. she sent out a mail to our team 7ish in da morning.. while she's on her way to deliver... ha ha.. everyone of us wondered how on earth could she still able to send email during this very moment.. ha ha.. *salute..
everyone is so happee for her... Kurt, Peggy and I paid her visit at Loh Guan Lye after work..
Sarah was there too !!
babie bOi doesn't have name yet...
we assumed dat he was smiling.. he he
look at his lil hand.. ^^
kam yu lou vs innocent babie
thx for the stewpig cameraman.. poor Peggy's head has been cutoff from this pic..
mummy & babie..
kooi chyn even showed me the whole process of breast feeding.. I was so happee with it!! I would think this is kinda private thing.. I neva expect she would asked me in and let me see the whole process since we just known for a month.. and Only ME dat have been asking!! he he.. thanks.. I felt touched of it.. ^^ I can feel the mOther-of-lOve from her... he he..

cheErz for the new-bOrned-babie... at the same tym.. kImmie's nightmare begins.... *sob...

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