Monday, May 5, 2008


Last Sat.. ko ko given us a dinner treat at QE II.. he always told me the pizza there how nice and how nice.. after 4 mths.. finally he brought me there.. he he.. no doubt.. I was thrilled since the moment ko ko informed me for the dinner.. (whenever gt to hang out to anywhere.. I'm always the excited one.. I like hanging out.. I enjoy the moments... *weEee... ^^ )

we 'forced' daddy & mummy to take the ride.. he he
** It is not Guinness !! We were actually having Kil Kenny, Ko's super Fav.. wondered why the barista filled it in Guiness pint glass.. totally out of feel... wasted !
I like the chandelier behind ko ko... we were busy browsing net wif the Wi-Fi..
finally we got 1 decent pic out of the 10 failed pics... thanks to this lil monster..
US !!!
here comes the foods.... *get set

the free refreshment serves once we were sitting down.. Rye Bran Bread dips w Vinegar & Olive Oil.. oh my.. I missed this type of serving so much.. hasn't had it since I left Aussie..
The Marina... seafood combination pizza...
SOHO w pears, salami, blue cheese n my fav Pine Nuts !!! yummy... ^^ ( ko's fav from the menu.. )
Je fu - Cilantro Mangrove J., Red Snapper Fish.. topped on mash potato and veggie..
mummy - Home Special Baked Salted Chix.. It looks beautiful when served.. tastes normal.. was so salty when you "accidentally taken" the salt outside the wrap..

Spagetti Seafood Ohio-Ohio.. as you seen, it's a Seafood combination Pasta... ko ko likes it so much.. it has Mussel, Prawn, Fish and Octopus... the portion is too big for a lady.. I supposed...
je je - Spagetti Carbonara ( there're 2 Carbonara Pasta.. one with Seafood, and this is the Traditional Bacon 1.. ) nice but.. will find it too creamy when you had too much.. I assumed the chef has accidentally over- added the Olive oil before serving it.. afterall, it tastes nice.. :)
daddy - Signature Crusty Lamb.. daddy likes the grilled Garlic so much.. I grabbed his spinach.. he he...

baby monster doens't look like baby no more !
it has the nicest atmosphere with the beautiful sceneries.. I got no idea why it just lost itz crowd.. hmmm.... I won't want to party there.. But I would like to dine-in there again in the future...

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