Friday, May 16, 2008

-Xuan Xin Steamboat-

HAppee buRfday to je je & Je fu.. (my sis borned ONE day after my je fu..) hOw Sweet is this lil happee family.... ^^ it looks like the burfday of lil monster.. don't steal the attention, please.. mr lil Chuah!

Preziez time...

this is a combination of a bit a bit of everything.. hehe..
we chose the Porridge soup base/ Hoi Wong soup base.. itz sweet.. tastes not bad..
Onion + Taiwanese sausage Omellette.. sounds great, right..? It is!!! the most recommended spot of this rest... Teppanyaki area.. you can choose & mix wutever ingredients you like.. they'll fried it in teppanyaki style and send to your table.. the marinated meats taste very nice!! Honey beef & squid are highly recommended!! they go well wif heaps of vegie!!!

I like the Tong Shui dessert so much.. it has Ice-cream and some ready-to-eat foods as well... such as fried rice, maggie.. Mushroom chix leg.. Fried chix wings and some more... the fried stuff are nice !!!

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