Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our Sunday, Family day without super duper busy koko...

Sunday... my family day... I asked daddy not to cook today.. As je & I missed the foods in Song River so much.. Itz been a while since the last time we had lunch there..
was actually planning to go Fruit Farm.. which I've been requested for soooo long... apparently, the plan failed again this weekend ! sigh... baby is suffering from flu.. yet ko ko hafta go back to office Again.. thus.. we postpone the plan to Next week.. hopefully I would get to taste the durian 7 days later la huh..
Song River Bak-Kut-Teh.. ya.. the colour of this pic hasn't been edited.. the bak kut teh here isn't in normal black herbal soup that we can find at everywhere.. it comes in Clear herbal soup..
Fried LA-LA.. tiny la la is alwiz kimmie's fav.. but the la la here actually so so nia..
Fried Four-Season-Bean w home recipe.. recommended ! Fried Dried Maggie.. je's all time fav...
Eggplant To Fu... it was the 1st time we ordered this.. So So nice..!! taste good, to fu were so soft.. !! recommended !
one of the famous-must-try-dish over there... Fish Bee Hoon.. you'll always need to order extra bee hoon.. you thought it looks plenty..? don't be taken in by the fatty fish be covered under the bee hoon..
Bitterground w Egg... it worth a try if you're a kor-gua-lover..!
little monster is making new fren... he he.. the baby in blue borned in the same mth wif him.. but he looks far stronger den our naughty monster..
this lil monkey is a 'Regular-customer' of Song River.. it almost comes here everyday... the white circle around it eyes making it looks so cute..
je je bought lil monster to Toy S"rus after lunch.. he gt a gift from his po-po.. a Caterpillar instrusment
little monster finally got so exhausted and fallen asleep in the car.. after being SO actively in Gurney Plaza..

-dinner time-
we had western food in Mt Eskine.. I never been there since I gt backed.. business is still running so well..
je fu - Grilled Lamb, Pork & Chicken
daddy - Indiana Lamb
kimmie... Black Pepper Fish ( too much gravy... spicy.. )
mummy - Chicken Chop as usual..
je je - Indiana Chix [ ALWAYS ]

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