Wednesday, May 7, 2008

happee burfday in advance, Kooi Chyn..

Today.. our whole team plus some from others.. pre-celebrated burfday for Kooi Chyn, as she is going to give birth anytime.. he he.. I just found out that.. she is borned on the SAME day with my je fu.. same year, same month and same day.. ha ha.. a day earlier than my je je..
after so much discussion, they chose PastaSia at last..
the Set menu is really worth it.. as the portion is So big.. too much to finish all.. even if you happen to finish the 3-course-meal.. you'll find it so suffer up to few hrs..
I 'suffered' from it before.. thus, this time.. I didn't go for the Set.. but ordered the Ala Carte.. it's offering 'Buy 2 Free 1' for ala carte order as well..
Con Salmon.. Smoked salmon with caper in Cream sauce.. gOsh.. it been half a yr.. I never had caper d.. it is very good for health.. smoked salmon goes nice with it..
Chicken Schnitzer w chips.. It is offering in the set menu as well.. (Schnitzer in Aussie is nicer.... :P )
Many of em having the Set C.. which I recommended.. Con Pollo.. pasta with chix (alot of chix pieces) in cheesy tomato sauce.. + soup of the day + dessert + choice of drink for only RM17.90... the portion is getting bigger compared to the set I had wif Mung few weeks ago.. It's like a set for 2... gOsh.. eveyone claimed to be over-fulled after the meal..

actually the best deal.. I reckon is the Set for 4 pax.. RM69.90.. no one has ordered it.. but I believe it can be shared by 6 pplz tho.. he he

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