Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I had free breaky again today ¬!!!! *weEee.. !! yesterday.. my teamlead made up a bid.. the one who lose gotta buy the whole team breaky on the next day.. and I, the newbies of the team.. gotta enjoy it too... eventhough I got no idea at all how was the bid going.. ha ha ha...
the nasi lemak was nice! a rich breaky for a good start.. hehesee.. they are just so attentively to put the cucumber on top of the plastic, apart from the rice because they will become soggy.. it has 2 prawns, 3 pieces of fish, Ikan Bilis, 2-quarter-egg, sambal + cucumber.. plenty of 'em!!
during lunch time, LingLing (my teammate) brought us to a new place for lunch.. the shop was there for quite some time.. none of us has ever been there before.. people always had the famous Pan Mee at that area.. but never notice this little corner.. it is just the other side from the Pan Mee Shop.. Ling Ling recommended the Mee Suah Tao.. some of them tried it.. and given a good feedback.. myself, had Fried Tang Hoon.. it was a big portion with prawns, crabmeats, chinese mushroom, fish cake, fish, char siew, but costs me for RM3.50 only..
even KC ordered the Sweet & Sour Fish Fried Rice.. big portion of Rice + Many pieces of Fish cutlets, costs only RM4.50.. and another important thing is.. the aunties there give good services.. they are nice ! worth a try tho... !! the name of the shop is something like 天下第一,or dunno what 第一馆.. like that.. it's a corner shop beside a grocery shop... mustn't confuse with it as there is another at the same row..
Wed, my yoga day.. so sad that.. at the end of the class only I got to know that, it was the last class of our instructor.. she has been tranfered to ButterWorth from her company ( she has another formal job. ) I like attending her class.. she is just so good in guiding us.. nice voice sumore always played nice nice music throughout the class.. hope that the new instructor for Wed class gonna be as good as her.. orelse i might swift back to Tues d.. they had PotLuck at Marina Deck for her.. an aunty asked me to join.. but I feel bad for not preparing any food.. (cuz I didn't know ! ) thus, I didn't join em.. by the time I finished showering.. they gone d.. ( I spent long time for steambath n etc.. )
went movie with Pris, Khuang, Steph and LuLu... Run Papa Run.. hmmm.. so so nia.. finally we got to hangout together d~ haha.. itz all my fault that alwiz cant make up my time.. hehe.. Pris alwiz met the 'smelly foot' incident while going cinema.. we experienced twice in Aussie before.. never expect that.. we gonna experience this again in GSC ! gOsh.. it was so torturing.. we gotta stand those unbearable smell throughout the whole movie !
this is my desk... he he.. yet-to-be-decorated...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

tues yummy yummy..

ha ha !! finally Huan has joined us at Dell !!
I never imagine we would become colleague !! sumore in the same team.. ha ha.. so unbelievable.. unfortunately, so many departments want him so much.. He is now being arranged to another dept, gotta stay there for couple of weeks. My manager wishes to transfer him to my dept, but it's all depending on the director's decision. God will know what is gonna happen after 3 weeks.. he he

We met at the entrance this morning, when we passed by the cafeteria.. I saw the Porridge `!! ha ha.. Since I saw YeeChing had it 2 weeks ago, I kept thinking of it.. ( that particular stall offers diff breaky everyday.. ) though I wasn't in any porridge-mood today, I think I just need to have it since I've been waited for 2 weeks d..
It tasted just so nice.. I purposely asked the aunty to give me more ginger.. as ginger helps to cure my 'windyness'.. I hardly see ppl cut ginger into so big pieces.. they were just so spicy.. apparently, I hafta take out most of em..
yummy chicken porridge/congee??
today, Yi Yuern who just joined her new job in a factory sumwhere around Dell, met Bee and I for lunch.. poor YY has only 45mins break.. thus, we chose to settle our lunch at Jln Tengah, sumwhere not to far.. JeJe alwiz tell me there has a lot of yummy fooods, finally I got to try it today, and absolutely agreed with her ! *winks...
I had this Fried Jawa BeeHoon.. Bee had this Jawa Bee Hoon...their business was incredible good.. most of the customers having it.. there are still heaps of foods that I wanna try out.. Good lunch spot !!
when we got back for lunch.. Saw Fong, my team lead was so nice to buy all of us a Tau Fu Fah¬ ha ha.. one of my fav food ! ^^ very funny that, when we were on the way going back after lunch, we saw a soya bean stall, Bee and I just discussed bout it.. yet I happened to have it once I got back to office.. ha ha.. bee seemed so beh tiao tit.. ha ha.. I wanted to share with her.. too bad her cube is too far away from mine..

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Henessy Party

haih... happee moments always flying away rapidly.. itz Sunday again.. I need to work again tml !!! sigh...
last nite, there was Hennessy Party in QE2.. it was pretty boring tho.. wondered why all the Hennessy parties over other countries were so happening.. but not for this one in Penang. It should've turned out greatly at this amazing venue, with beautiful sceneries.. hmmm... it rained sumore !

how cute is this lil foot of da little mOnster...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Omedeto to Sharene !!

8th MArch, 2008... da biggie big day for Sharene..
her wedding dinner at E&O hotel.. mummy & I attended it on behalf of our family with je, je fu and of cuz must not leave out our baby mOnster.. he he
unfortunately, Sharene's wedding fell on the same date as the Election Day.. Apparently, many guests couldn't make it for celebrating this happee moment with her.. Daddy & koko were absent due to helping out at uncle Hwa's centre..
the foods were nice.. I like it.. ^^ I never eaten so much on any wedding dinner before..the Peking Duck is recommended !!!
this baby mOnster has put on his jumper.. as his hands ve become icy cold.. poor lil baby..

the day after the dinner.. we went in to BM, Sharene's house early in the morning.. her parents' new house is big and grand..

omg.. I love her dog to bits.. how i wish I could just carry it home.. Schnauzer !! my all-tym-fav-doggie.. :( when can I own 1..?
see how sweet is it..?

yahoo.. Fri again !!!!

today.. one of my teammate.. Soon.. very nice to bought breaky for all of us.. my fav yummy bee hoon ^^ thanks heaps..

Mung came to find me during lunch time.. she spent a long time to find Dell.. ha ha.. she kept turning into the wrong way.. poor thing her.. supposed we can have quite a long time to enjoy our lunch.. unfortunately.. she has spent too much time to look for my place.. by the time I got up her car.. was nearly 1pm d.. ( my lunch time starts at 12pm ) she suggested to lunch at Queensbay.. we spent another half an hr to look for car park.. ish.. apparently, we didn't get to enjoy our lunch.. but eaten in a hurry.. until she felt like vomit when we were running to our car.. ha ha.. Mung had this Pan-Friend Fish.. it could have tasted better.. I guess the chef has 'accidentally' put in too much salt while cooking the cream sauce.. as well as too much butter&salt on the fish itself while duin the grill part.. it was Really salty.. I ordered the Set of Pon Collo Pasta.. Chix & Eggplant pasta with tomato cheesy sause.. not too bad.. As I love Eggplant ^^ *i love the spoon!


weEee.. the lunch is OK.. it was the 1st time I had pasta since I came back from Aussie.. I miss cooking it... *sob..

Thursday, April 17, 2008


17042008, 1611, Dell

Omg.. I m so so so indescribable sleepy.. my eye lids keep falling down.. I’m trying so hard to keep em awake.. I’m so bloody bored.. those jobs that ve been allocated to me.. are mostly done.. yet no new task for me to handle.. everyone seems so busy here.. except me.. aiks.. I wish to be busy.. I hate sitting here doing nothing.. I guess my teammates might thought I m not efficient at all.. like alwiz sitting here mou mou liu liu.. sumore using a slow X 3 PC.. with only 512 RAM.. ish…

Joined teammates for lunch today.. Went to sunshine food court again.. why saying again? Itz because I just went there with yee ching’s ‘ Gu Er Tuan’ yesterday..he he. I had the porridge today.. the porridge stall I saw yesterday.. YC told me not nice.. she claimed that it was tasteless when she had last time.. I had a special one ‘ choy gon yu zhok’.. not too bad I reckon.. as I like the dried veggie a lot.. and it was something special and rare that I never tried.. I ordered a small one.. but it came with a large bowl.. They offer few choices in the menu.. I wanted to take photo of my porridge in order to put up here.. I used to take photo off my foods mer.. but then.. sitting at the center of the table.. I m pretty my colleagues will definitely think that I’m a weirdo if I doing so.. don’t want to mislead their impression upon me.. thus, I didn’t happen to do so.. tho I rily wish.. been struggling to take out my mobile or not..
Surprisingly, I met Jen in the foodcourt.. she has told me she is on job in Bayan Lepas Area.. I thought she hardly have time to come out for lunch.. and she seems so bloody busy all the time..
Since the day Bee and I met in Dell.. We alwiz meet up to go pantry or toilet few times a day.. we are sitting at 2 diff part of the building.. but the same level..
I might just drop off Xandra’s after work later.. promised her to go tonite.. some more will need to pay the ‘White Gold’ on behalf of Chun… Thurs, normally a free nite for me.. no Yoga no nothing.. Unfortunately, no one is free to have anything outing today tho.. Ain’t a bad thing tho, I plan to ask je to go daddy’s office later.. ^^

Something awkward to share… yesterday, when we were going to leave Gurney Car Park.. the whole complex just ran out of electricity after we paid for the parking fees.. I didn’t go in again to see what’s happening in the complex.. I m sure I gonna be pretty freaked out if I were alone at that time.. luckily Lee was suggesting to drop me to downstair.. else I gonna take the lift.. which mean when the time it goes black out.. I should be in the lift.. I couldn’t imagine that..
Gurney management ain’t good enuf.. gosh.. as for my thought, I would think that a huge complex like this, should have had some back up be prepared immediately in case this kinda things happened.. it took a while to get back the electricity.. but it ain’t the matter.. Just I wonder why on earth they couldn’t ask the security to open the machine to let the cars get down from the car park.. what if the shoppers were in a rush to sumwhere..? like me..? I believe the machine can be open with a key.. securities should be on duty there to take care of the long queue.. since the autopay ticket will be invalid after 15 / 20 mins you made the payments.. a long queue of cars had been stuck at the machine there.. due to the finishing time of movies.. everyone was left at the same time.. *rolling eyes

Frens Day !


I announce today as Frens Day for me.. he he.. I feel so Loved today.. cuz of my fellow budds.. thanks heaps..

I’m so so bloody sleepy today.. as gone to bed late last nite.. eventually.. I’ve had a ‘xing-si-zou-rou-day… mr lao-pek-huan fetched me to tesco last nite to get the instant oat.. but I don’t feel like having it this morning.. thus, I went to cafeteria to have-a-look.. I ended up having a western breaky.. hehe.. ( I miss Aussie Breakfast so so much ! sigh~ ) cause I saw the Baked Bean.. I had beanies, mushroom omelette and a dunno wut wut toast with chix & cheese.. he he
Just went I walking back to my cube.. wif sleepy mode n listening to my ipod.. a guy called me from the back.. ( he claimed dt he has been calling me many times.. bt honestly.. I was too out of condition.. I didn’t notice at all. ) guess who..? mr Tan Wei Luen !!!! gosh.. I was so excited.. we din meet for 3 yrs d.. !! tho he did msg me the day before I started Dell.. We known we are here.. but didn’t get to meet up tho.. n finally! ( luckily I didn’t have my oat.. orelse I won’t go to cafeteria no more.. ) We then msn for the whole day.. hehe.. we met for lunch~ he gave me a treat~ so nice.. =) and not to mention that.. we talked A Lot !!
When I was waiting him, I met another person.. Boon Teng !! my junior from Tar, Liverpool !! he he.. he too just joined Dell last week..
Meeting up wif wei luen already made me happee for the entire day.. however, when I was driving home.. I gt a sms.. saying dt ‘saw me in my car and asked where am I working now ‘ I wondered who is this… ta da.. it was Bee.. my classmate from high skool.. gOsh.. I was thrilled to know dt.. I cudn’t believe that.. when she told me she just joined Dell yesterday !! muahhaha.. I alwiz want to meet her! But yet she is studying in MMU.. seldom come back to Penang tho.. he he
I get changed a taken a long nap once I got home… woke up at 8ish.. bt still nobody home.. daddy didn’t bother to call me for ta pao’ing dinner tho.. ( guess I’ve been rejected him for too many times.. n so he has given up calling me d.. ) then Jen rang me up n said.. wanna bring me dinner.. she has actually invited me to dinner at her house.. but since she gt home late.. yet I was too lazy to drive.. I didn’t go.. I felt so warm yet sweet to have ppl send me dinner.. ju-ka-fan sumore.. he he.. just while I was waiting for Jen.. Jess called me from London !!!! gOsh.. so.. can ya imagine how Frens Day is it…?
Actually before I taking my nap.. was on the phone with Huan.. he did offer to buy me my fav Gandum after his gym session too.. ha ha.. so gud..
Very happee for him.. as Dell has called him for phone interview yesterday.. n he is goin for 2nd In tml.. didn’t waste up my scarification of sleeping time to edit his resume.. ha ha.. gud luck pal !

Number 7

IF you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month you are number 1.
2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th = number 2.
3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th = number 3.
4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st = Number 4.
5th, 14th, 23rd = number 5.
6th, 15th, 24th = number 6.
7th, 16th, 25th = number 7.
8th, 17th, 26th = number 8.
9th, 18th, 27th = number 9.

Number 1
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thx yi ching for providing this usefull article..

Sunday, April 13, 2008


it is the SongKran... a famous festive in Thailand again...
I always like to celebrate it so much.. I've been telling frens around me bout this celebration in Thailand since high skool... always trying to persuade em to go for it.. but till now.. it neva happen.. he he.. all the while.. was I, the one who couldnt make it to go Hadyai alone with frens.. and this year.. we couldnt get to book the hotel.. too bad...

Gr and family are now in Hadyai.. heard that Yan is joining the trip as well.. am sad that I couldnt get to meet up with em in Hadyai... Think this might be the last time to celebrate this festive together with Gr.. at least not in these few years... we used to go together when we were young... since she is leaving to UK soon... we might have chance to travel to there in future.. but might not able to make it for Songkran again.. as.. April.. will not be the term hols in UK.. hmmm...

updates for the week...

phew¬ another week has gone... working ppl neva like Sunday nite... as well as Monday... ish... I said I wanna off to bed at 11pm later.. I wish.. I could make it... *grin..
Started a week life in Dell.. nothing bad.. hmmm.. just kinda boring sometimes.. as I only happened to get my ID on Thurs, unfortunately, I was sick on that day.. I left my workplace at 10ish for doctor... was suffering from gastric prob.. too much windy in my tummy.. I vomited once I woke up.. honestly, I didn't feel like going to work.. but was thought.. it ain't so good to on leave during the 1st week.. thus, I made myself to the office.. and I vomited again in company... therefore, I applied for MC at last.. horribly, I've been vomited Non-Stop from 11ish - 2.. I ain't suffering from food poisoning tho.. all causing by the 'wind' in my tummy.. It was torturing.. glad that I didn't hold myself for staying back to work...

met many frens in Dell... he he.. colleagues are nice to me too... I think I would enjoy my life in there for the entire 4 mths... I supposed... erRrr.. I hope.. *rolling eyes...

oh ho.. je has backed from US on Mon... she brought back an I-phone for me... of course.. I would need to pay for that.. apparently.. I m turning from broke condition to broke broke broke condition now.. I will work hard and pay more efforts to my OT.. ngek ngek...

Fri nite.. 'again' Opening for BED.. gt free-flow from 2100-2300... went there for a while and left earlier with huan for mamak.. our motive was to go home earlier.. wouldnt expect that.. both of us ended up have a long long conversation Again... I turned up losing voice the next day.. and he didnt really get to sleep before going to work.. gai¬
Sat... had lunch at Gor Zha wif je, mummy, cayden and ah yee.. foods were nice as it used to be.. *winks.. itz been yrs that I didn't dine-in there d.. we headed to gurney plaza after that.. i bought a Levi's Skirt !!!!! *yahoo... unbelievable that, its my 1st outfit from Levi's.. I can never fit the jeans from Levi's.. no idea with it tho.. there was once, je bought me a size 24 super low.. I only happened to wear it once.. when I tried to put it on the 2nd time.. it looked so yulky yulky.. way too loose for my butt.. I was so impressed when I trying out this skirt.. It just happens to fit my 'triangle butt'... muahhaa..
went movie wif kai ka lou and leng last nite.. 27 dresses.. worth a watch.. itz nicer than wut I expected.. rily.. I was so heartbreaking while watching it.. Leng said I looked so serious while both of em were laughing of it.. I am the kinda person that easily goes into the storyline while watching movie.. I am like able to feel the exact feeling of the characters inside the movie..
I read a blog of a scopio-budd of mine... surprised to know that.. she is also this kind of person.. and so.. I believe this is another characteristic of Scopio... he he... but I really feel so ut-chut while watching the movie.. hate those situations.. so helpless.. aih... bt of course.. the ending was perfect.. and again making me say that phrase again..

' TLC needed !! '

ha ha
There are SO many movies that I wanted to watch.. but I really have no time for them... *sob..
- Awake, L changes the world, StreetKings, Three Kingdom and etc etc... ' went to BED after movie..
This morning.. again didn't get to sleep late.. woke up quite early.. as promised to support Belvin for his waterpolo competition.. mrMushroomLiew was participating too..
was happee happee that.. I got to lunch at TGI today ¬!!! he he.. as I wished.. I succeed to persuade family to makan there.. but too bad.. I've been requested to give them a treat.. said I found new job wor... aiks.. bo bo.. adding another 'negative' to my broke X 3 status.. but I enjoyed eating there.. gOsh.. the Mocha Mud Pie was just AWESOME !!!! too bad.. the JackDaniel Glazed Ribs was just out of order.. I never get to try it..daddy, mummy wif lil monster... ^^

entitled to claim a free kid-meal with any Main meal..these 2 free kid meals were for Aaron & Cayden..
Cheese melted Nachos
Grilled Cheese
- 3 Course Meal - Shrimp Martini for appetiser..
Main: Pineapple Mojito Fish + Mocha Mud Pie as dessert...
JAck Daniel Burger
Seafood Platter.. the fish were so so so fresh !!!!Chic Fajista Tower.. I ordered this for daddy.. as he doesnt get to take beef nowadays..
Shrimp & Diablo Pasta
BBQ Roasted Chix..
I love this pic so much.. it looks Cool with ko's hand on it.. hehe

the purpose we went to Queensbay was to bring baby Cayden to take photo at the mummypoko's lil corner.. he he.. I reckon that he is kinda likes me these days.. he he
tonite..2030.. Wah Lai Toi LIVE Golden Horse Award !! Sammi happens to be one of the host¬ * winks..
browsed some photo albums in facebook jz now... gt to know that.. A fren has gone back Aussie for hols.. *envy envy.. I miss the days in Aussie so badly.. I have a strong feeling that I would make my ass back to there some day.. God will know when...
* news of the week... - Daddy's office has moved !!!!! *weee...

What I really really really want?
- good days in Dell.. I wish I could manage my jobs well and have great performance in these 4 mths.. the 1st thing, I must make myself to enjoy the job and the place !!
- get myself enuf rest... eventually to rescue my poor complexion lately... improve + upgrade myself.. oh please !!
- happee happee smooth life for mah family ^^
- Live Life Kewl !!! * cheers¬

happee things for today and yesterday - makan @ TGI, bought my Levi's skirt ! * winks.... ^^
last but not least... was thrilled to have my I-phone.. thx je.. ^^


Sunday, April 6, 2008


I've signed my contract on Fri.. confirmed to start working tomorrow.. in Dell.. 8pm-5pm.. but I was asked to be there at 9am tomorrow¬ *winks..

I'm seriously stepping into working life this time.. *nervOus....
yi ching told me.. she can feel that the gud lucks are all ahead d.. I'm gonna end the kek ban unlucky days very soon.. I believe in her this time.. I wish her words are accurate.. he he

gudie gud luck to kimmiez.. n same to Leng.. he he

anyone who is reading this.. is welcomed to leave me a msg ler.. ha ha.. thanks heaps

ppk sat...

what I really really really want...?

kimmiez answer: ( 05042008 )
I wish everything gonna go as smoothly as possible tomorrow... I hope I am able to handle every task that gonna be allocated to me well.. and have great performance on my new job.. in order to create a good impression to my yet-to-know-colleageas..
I wish I gonna start a newly new life tomorrow onwards.. say buh-bye to those kek-ban-bad-luck-stuff FOREVER..
I must 'swing' away all the fats from my body !!! tho I've been saying so for ages d.. I must make it this time !! I'm serious.. I can't bare to let those bloody fats hanging around at my body no more ¬!!! grRrr.... this is my new aim for the week !!! *winks...

finally I happened to have my gandum yesterday !! he he.. I wanted to have it so badly for the whole week.. but I always failed to buy it.. daddy&mummy ppk for lunch yesterday.. I was so pity to staying home by myself.. I tried to ring up Huan.. he was at home, thus, I asked him out for lunch.. he was so gud to bring me down to Gama.. and have this Gandum¬ he he..
while we on the way back home.. we took away my recent-fav --> Cornetto Strawberry Sundae.. he was so nice to share wif me.. muaha ha..
I was thought I might be having a tight schedule yesterday.. bt ended up all Failed ! was supposed to go Gurney with kai ka lou.. but then he was not free at last.. Leng and I again planned to go jogging after her work.. as mummy ppk me to go for her hairdo.. I was asked to pick her up at 5 ish.. by the time I dropped mummy home and picked Leng up from work.. was around 7 d.. bit too late to go Botanical Garden... sumore the sky was getting dark.. Huan was so bad that didn't wanna let us to join him for the jog to Bel's.. apparently, I didn't get to work out again !
when I gt home wif Leng, daddy suddenly told me that they're going to clean up the new office.. I would feel extremely bad if I dont give em a hand but hanging out wif frens.. eventually, I gave up my outing wif em.. Leng hafta leave my with Huan's car by herself.. by the time I met em up at BED was already 12 ish.. ( we were planned to go Jemput Tree at 9pm ) gOsh.. ko ko.. was late for his fren's burfday as well.. he he.. we were so rushed !
last nite.. was the opening for Bed.. after itz renovation for the past 2 weeks.. bt aint happening at all tho.. hmmm..
I wonder why all the plans of mine were failed yesterday.. kek ban.. none of em has been done..

My happee moments from yesterday...
1. I had my Gandum which have been craved over the week...
2. had my Connetto strawbeery Sundae.. I dont need to finish the whole 1 by my own.. apparently.. I wont gain that much calories.. he he
3. huan n Bel bought us Longan Tao Hua.. I didn't have it for quite a while d.. daddy used to buy it for me when I was young..
4. MOST glad.. I had the nasi lemak oppposite my house ¬!!!! gosh.. i am so excited for it !! it is the 'old-place' for me, png & singh.. I've missed it for so long.. it only opens in the morning.. I meant Early morning.. you wont get to buy nothing if you go after 6am.. last nite..when Huan dropping me home.. again I introduced it to him.. we then had the same tot in mind, --> parked the car and went for it.. he he.. the stall is getting famous and famous.. it opens earlier then before.. the time we went there was only 3 ish.. bt already having a full house... many pplz from other places came for it.. I was so happee for em.. the business is always so good.. bt when we noticed it 3 yrs ago.. most of the customers there were the residents in this area..

afterall, I will need to say thank you to mr.laupek Huan.. he he.. all of the things above, I was eaten with him... thanks to him for the accompanies.. *grin..

omg.. all the things dt made me happee were bout eat nia.. gai ¬!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

sleepless nite...

it'z now 0412.. I failed to get aslept after lying on my bed for 3 hrs.. I hate to get insomnia.. itz always so torturing... ish... I still thought I can off to bed earlier tonite.. as hafta wake up early morning tml to do prayer for ah kong.. in facts, something worse happened...

I struggled for long time whether to turn on my laptop or not.. as I know I gonna be more awake once I started to browse the net... and.. here I am...

none of any potential-chit-chat-buddy is on the line to cure my helpless moments at this hr... ish.. I didn't take any coffee today.. wondering if the teh-O-halia which I taken during dinner.. as to cure my windy-stomach... considers as the killer of my nite.. gOsh...

whenever I thinking of the stewpig idiot ebay asshole.. I feel so upset and helpless... it makes my nite more miserable.. much more suffering.. tried to take a warm honey.. bt it cudnt help tho.. an jua a...?

winkz winkz..

the happee moments i had today...

1. I get to swim !!! he he.. i was planned to go gym at psc this noon... when i gt there.. the weather was just so so nice.. looking at the swimming pool.. i couldnt help myself to get changed and jump into it immediately... hehe.. I didn't swim for many months d.. feeling gud¬ ^^

2. I had yummy yummy Tandoori Chix + naan as dinner wif daddy, mummy... at Kassim, Lebuh Chulia.. hehe.. it tasted Amazing.. while I driving home.. I told mummy.. 'I felt so gud, cuz of the yummy dinner we just had... *satisfaction afterall '

Thursday, April 3, 2008

again, thurs noon..

i supposed to start my new job in Dell this week... 1st of April.. mah new life begins.. as if...
the manager went for training.. thus, the contract couldnt be ready on time... apparently, I dont get to start my job tho... gt postponed to next Mon.. ish...

eventhough everyone arround me keeps telling, dont be so eager to get into working life, should have enjoyed more now... me too keep saying so to myself.. but how on earth do I get to enjoy when all my buddies are working and studying abroad...? sigh... i dont like wasting time by duing nothing.. I would feel bad.. I hardly have days off like this in these 2 yrs..

I happened to wake up at 1ish today.. muahaha.. itz been ages I never sleep till this hour.. and I know it might be the last time tho.. he he.. since am going to start working next week... Meanwhile, Leng is going to start her new course next Mon as well... I feel so so so happee for her.. I've been listening to her bout cont study for many times, and I know this time she is serious afterall.. she gonna go to register today... !! yahooo¬ both of us gonna start newly new life next week... 7th April... *winks.. 7 is alwiz the lucky num for me.. it fated wif me.. he he

that nite, after Nicky's wedding dinner, Xandra dropped me n mung to my house, and Lee came over to pick us up to RED... again.. he he.. Bel, Leng, John, Huan are already there.. we played 'jing-gu-bang' ! gosh.. all of us had gone crazie.. we could help but kept laughing insanely throughout the game... I used to play it during high skooll. but no more after dat.. ha ha.. poor lil Leng has injured badly.. 'or-cheh' all over her hand.. it can't be functioning soundly till now.. ha ha.. bt it was cool fun.. wish to have another nite like this soon.. he he

am off to gym now...

[ What I really really really want?
I want a happee happee life, I meant Happee-wif-no-worries. I wish my dad's biz could be settled down asap, I gonna have a great job dt I like asap, reunion wif katiakz, a beautiful Love. Last but not least, bad lucks please stay away from me immediately.. and please dont turn back by no chance. thanks )


3 things to do before going on for your inner journey.

1. What you really really really want? ( write on your journal every morning once wake up, ask yourself. )
2. What's your happy moments of the day? ( write on your journal every end of the day.. )
3. Change your mantra.


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