Sunday, April 6, 2008

ppk sat...

what I really really really want...?

kimmiez answer: ( 05042008 )
I wish everything gonna go as smoothly as possible tomorrow... I hope I am able to handle every task that gonna be allocated to me well.. and have great performance on my new job.. in order to create a good impression to my yet-to-know-colleageas..
I wish I gonna start a newly new life tomorrow onwards.. say buh-bye to those kek-ban-bad-luck-stuff FOREVER..
I must 'swing' away all the fats from my body !!! tho I've been saying so for ages d.. I must make it this time !! I'm serious.. I can't bare to let those bloody fats hanging around at my body no more ¬!!! grRrr.... this is my new aim for the week !!! *winks...

finally I happened to have my gandum yesterday !! he he.. I wanted to have it so badly for the whole week.. but I always failed to buy it.. daddy&mummy ppk for lunch yesterday.. I was so pity to staying home by myself.. I tried to ring up Huan.. he was at home, thus, I asked him out for lunch.. he was so gud to bring me down to Gama.. and have this Gandum¬ he he..
while we on the way back home.. we took away my recent-fav --> Cornetto Strawberry Sundae.. he was so nice to share wif me.. muaha ha..
I was thought I might be having a tight schedule yesterday.. bt ended up all Failed ! was supposed to go Gurney with kai ka lou.. but then he was not free at last.. Leng and I again planned to go jogging after her work.. as mummy ppk me to go for her hairdo.. I was asked to pick her up at 5 ish.. by the time I dropped mummy home and picked Leng up from work.. was around 7 d.. bit too late to go Botanical Garden... sumore the sky was getting dark.. Huan was so bad that didn't wanna let us to join him for the jog to Bel's.. apparently, I didn't get to work out again !
when I gt home wif Leng, daddy suddenly told me that they're going to clean up the new office.. I would feel extremely bad if I dont give em a hand but hanging out wif frens.. eventually, I gave up my outing wif em.. Leng hafta leave my with Huan's car by herself.. by the time I met em up at BED was already 12 ish.. ( we were planned to go Jemput Tree at 9pm ) gOsh.. ko ko.. was late for his fren's burfday as well.. he he.. we were so rushed !
last nite.. was the opening for Bed.. after itz renovation for the past 2 weeks.. bt aint happening at all tho.. hmmm..
I wonder why all the plans of mine were failed yesterday.. kek ban.. none of em has been done..

My happee moments from yesterday...
1. I had my Gandum which have been craved over the week...
2. had my Connetto strawbeery Sundae.. I dont need to finish the whole 1 by my own.. apparently.. I wont gain that much calories.. he he
3. huan n Bel bought us Longan Tao Hua.. I didn't have it for quite a while d.. daddy used to buy it for me when I was young..
4. MOST glad.. I had the nasi lemak oppposite my house ¬!!!! gosh.. i am so excited for it !! it is the 'old-place' for me, png & singh.. I've missed it for so long.. it only opens in the morning.. I meant Early morning.. you wont get to buy nothing if you go after 6am.. last nite..when Huan dropping me home.. again I introduced it to him.. we then had the same tot in mind, --> parked the car and went for it.. he he.. the stall is getting famous and famous.. it opens earlier then before.. the time we went there was only 3 ish.. bt already having a full house... many pplz from other places came for it.. I was so happee for em.. the business is always so good.. bt when we noticed it 3 yrs ago.. most of the customers there were the residents in this area..

afterall, I will need to say thank you to mr.laupek Huan.. he he.. all of the things above, I was eaten with him... thanks to him for the accompanies.. *grin..

omg.. all the things dt made me happee were bout eat nia.. gai ¬!!!

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