Sunday, April 13, 2008

updates for the week...

phew¬ another week has gone... working ppl neva like Sunday nite... as well as Monday... ish... I said I wanna off to bed at 11pm later.. I wish.. I could make it... *grin..
Started a week life in Dell.. nothing bad.. hmmm.. just kinda boring sometimes.. as I only happened to get my ID on Thurs, unfortunately, I was sick on that day.. I left my workplace at 10ish for doctor... was suffering from gastric prob.. too much windy in my tummy.. I vomited once I woke up.. honestly, I didn't feel like going to work.. but was thought.. it ain't so good to on leave during the 1st week.. thus, I made myself to the office.. and I vomited again in company... therefore, I applied for MC at last.. horribly, I've been vomited Non-Stop from 11ish - 2.. I ain't suffering from food poisoning tho.. all causing by the 'wind' in my tummy.. It was torturing.. glad that I didn't hold myself for staying back to work...

met many frens in Dell... he he.. colleagues are nice to me too... I think I would enjoy my life in there for the entire 4 mths... I supposed... erRrr.. I hope.. *rolling eyes...

oh ho.. je has backed from US on Mon... she brought back an I-phone for me... of course.. I would need to pay for that.. apparently.. I m turning from broke condition to broke broke broke condition now.. I will work hard and pay more efforts to my OT.. ngek ngek...

Fri nite.. 'again' Opening for BED.. gt free-flow from 2100-2300... went there for a while and left earlier with huan for mamak.. our motive was to go home earlier.. wouldnt expect that.. both of us ended up have a long long conversation Again... I turned up losing voice the next day.. and he didnt really get to sleep before going to work.. gai¬
Sat... had lunch at Gor Zha wif je, mummy, cayden and ah yee.. foods were nice as it used to be.. *winks.. itz been yrs that I didn't dine-in there d.. we headed to gurney plaza after that.. i bought a Levi's Skirt !!!!! *yahoo... unbelievable that, its my 1st outfit from Levi's.. I can never fit the jeans from Levi's.. no idea with it tho.. there was once, je bought me a size 24 super low.. I only happened to wear it once.. when I tried to put it on the 2nd time.. it looked so yulky yulky.. way too loose for my butt.. I was so impressed when I trying out this skirt.. It just happens to fit my 'triangle butt'... muahhaa..
went movie wif kai ka lou and leng last nite.. 27 dresses.. worth a watch.. itz nicer than wut I expected.. rily.. I was so heartbreaking while watching it.. Leng said I looked so serious while both of em were laughing of it.. I am the kinda person that easily goes into the storyline while watching movie.. I am like able to feel the exact feeling of the characters inside the movie..
I read a blog of a scopio-budd of mine... surprised to know that.. she is also this kind of person.. and so.. I believe this is another characteristic of Scopio... he he... but I really feel so ut-chut while watching the movie.. hate those situations.. so helpless.. aih... bt of course.. the ending was perfect.. and again making me say that phrase again..

' TLC needed !! '

ha ha
There are SO many movies that I wanted to watch.. but I really have no time for them... *sob..
- Awake, L changes the world, StreetKings, Three Kingdom and etc etc... ' went to BED after movie..
This morning.. again didn't get to sleep late.. woke up quite early.. as promised to support Belvin for his waterpolo competition.. mrMushroomLiew was participating too..
was happee happee that.. I got to lunch at TGI today ¬!!! he he.. as I wished.. I succeed to persuade family to makan there.. but too bad.. I've been requested to give them a treat.. said I found new job wor... aiks.. bo bo.. adding another 'negative' to my broke X 3 status.. but I enjoyed eating there.. gOsh.. the Mocha Mud Pie was just AWESOME !!!! too bad.. the JackDaniel Glazed Ribs was just out of order.. I never get to try it..daddy, mummy wif lil monster... ^^

entitled to claim a free kid-meal with any Main meal..these 2 free kid meals were for Aaron & Cayden..
Cheese melted Nachos
Grilled Cheese
- 3 Course Meal - Shrimp Martini for appetiser..
Main: Pineapple Mojito Fish + Mocha Mud Pie as dessert...
JAck Daniel Burger
Seafood Platter.. the fish were so so so fresh !!!!Chic Fajista Tower.. I ordered this for daddy.. as he doesnt get to take beef nowadays..
Shrimp & Diablo Pasta
BBQ Roasted Chix..
I love this pic so much.. it looks Cool with ko's hand on it.. hehe

the purpose we went to Queensbay was to bring baby Cayden to take photo at the mummypoko's lil corner.. he he.. I reckon that he is kinda likes me these days.. he he
tonite..2030.. Wah Lai Toi LIVE Golden Horse Award !! Sammi happens to be one of the host¬ * winks..
browsed some photo albums in facebook jz now... gt to know that.. A fren has gone back Aussie for hols.. *envy envy.. I miss the days in Aussie so badly.. I have a strong feeling that I would make my ass back to there some day.. God will know when...
* news of the week... - Daddy's office has moved !!!!! *weee...

What I really really really want?
- good days in Dell.. I wish I could manage my jobs well and have great performance in these 4 mths.. the 1st thing, I must make myself to enjoy the job and the place !!
- get myself enuf rest... eventually to rescue my poor complexion lately... improve + upgrade myself.. oh please !!
- happee happee smooth life for mah family ^^
- Live Life Kewl !!! * cheers¬

happee things for today and yesterday - makan @ TGI, bought my Levi's skirt ! * winks.... ^^
last but not least... was thrilled to have my I-phone.. thx je.. ^^


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