Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I had free breaky again today ¬!!!! *weEee.. !! yesterday.. my teamlead made up a bid.. the one who lose gotta buy the whole team breaky on the next day.. and I, the newbies of the team.. gotta enjoy it too... eventhough I got no idea at all how was the bid going.. ha ha ha...
the nasi lemak was nice! a rich breaky for a good start.. hehesee.. they are just so attentively to put the cucumber on top of the plastic, apart from the rice because they will become soggy.. it has 2 prawns, 3 pieces of fish, Ikan Bilis, 2-quarter-egg, sambal + cucumber.. plenty of 'em!!
during lunch time, LingLing (my teammate) brought us to a new place for lunch.. the shop was there for quite some time.. none of us has ever been there before.. people always had the famous Pan Mee at that area.. but never notice this little corner.. it is just the other side from the Pan Mee Shop.. Ling Ling recommended the Mee Suah Tao.. some of them tried it.. and given a good feedback.. myself, had Fried Tang Hoon.. it was a big portion with prawns, crabmeats, chinese mushroom, fish cake, fish, char siew, but costs me for RM3.50 only..
even KC ordered the Sweet & Sour Fish Fried Rice.. big portion of Rice + Many pieces of Fish cutlets, costs only RM4.50.. and another important thing is.. the aunties there give good services.. they are nice ! worth a try tho... !! the name of the shop is something like 天下第一,or dunno what 第一馆.. like that.. it's a corner shop beside a grocery shop... mustn't confuse with it as there is another at the same row..
Wed, my yoga day.. so sad that.. at the end of the class only I got to know that, it was the last class of our instructor.. she has been tranfered to ButterWorth from her company ( she has another formal job. ) I like attending her class.. she is just so good in guiding us.. nice voice sumore always played nice nice music throughout the class.. hope that the new instructor for Wed class gonna be as good as her.. orelse i might swift back to Tues d.. they had PotLuck at Marina Deck for her.. an aunty asked me to join.. but I feel bad for not preparing any food.. (cuz I didn't know ! ) thus, I didn't join em.. by the time I finished showering.. they gone d.. ( I spent long time for steambath n etc.. )
went movie with Pris, Khuang, Steph and LuLu... Run Papa Run.. hmmm.. so so nia.. finally we got to hangout together d~ haha.. itz all my fault that alwiz cant make up my time.. hehe.. Pris alwiz met the 'smelly foot' incident while going cinema.. we experienced twice in Aussie before.. never expect that.. we gonna experience this again in GSC ! gOsh.. it was so torturing.. we gotta stand those unbearable smell throughout the whole movie !
this is my desk... he he.. yet-to-be-decorated...

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