Tuesday, January 22, 2008

nite at TGI..

when nuthing was on the table..


when table was fulled with foods... muahahha.. can't wait to yum yum..
Magaritta Deluxe on da Rock..

TGI signature Magaritta.. we chose the strawberry flavor.. nice nice.. ^^

Fried Mushroom which I heard for long time..
Jack Daniel Chix.. the sauce was really nice.. too bad I didn't get to try the Jack Daniel Ribs nor steak.. which Eunice recommended me for few times.. as Mr.P doesn't eat beef and lamb while mung only eats chix.. bt itz Nice still... yum yum... ^^

While we were enjoying our yum yum Din at TGI, Je n frens had theirs at this Italian Restaurant.. just few shops ahead us.. they said the foods were not bad yet environment was nice too.. I can see from the pics..

they recommended the Mushroom Soup

Pasta with Homemade Chix Sausages... one with cheese one without...


15th, Tues, I went to kl with je je, Maid and Linna.. Coincidently, Pei has backed to Pg the week before, thus, we drove her backed to kl again.. [ we gonna stay at Pei's tho.. hehe ]
we had lotsa fun throughout the whole journey.. everyone was talking rily loud and non-stop.. I think if someone happens to hear us.. they might think that we're fighting in da car..

We arrived kl at lunch time, after settled down at Pei's.. all of us were starving.. We described the situation as red-light-beeping d.. Pei brought us to 太子茶餐厅 to charge up our batt.. the foods were nice, they even reckoned that.. the foods here are nicer then Kimgary.

again, I was having my fav bee hoon..with Thai spicy sauce
my coffee and fav 罗宋汤...^^ je had this Beefy fried Spag
Frech Toast
香茅猪扒饭 蜜汁排骨饭

we spent our 1st day at One U and Ikea..

each of us, bought a BearBrick..unfortunately, Je n I couldnt manage to get what we wanted.. lucky Pei picked the one I aimed for.. *grrrrr

we loved those deco in OneU so much... they're just so Simple&Nice.. we were so happily taken photos with those wishes phrase... ha ha..

off to Ikea... mah-fav *winkz..

take-note at Pei's expression... a Serious-maid, she is..

everyone seems busy.. busy..
Mung came to meet me for din...
we done lotsa crazies things over there.. I can't stop laughing whenever I look at my je's expression.. muahahhaa

Sunday, January 13, 2008


spent my weekend at Batu Feringghi --> my all-tym-fav-place-to-be *winkz

oh my oh my... the banana split at Park Royal is recommended afterall..
my best-zi-pai-partner~

Aaron said: must say Cheese !

Linna has rented a room over Park Royal.. itz been a long long time I never touched down the beach in Penang d.. nevermind Aaron, even I was so excited when I gt there... seeing the pool site fulled with tourists, the beautiful sky, bit-dirty beach and the unclear-'blue'-sea... no doubt.. it is still my fav place in Penang.. hehe

surprisingly, I met Yen and Terence at there.. they were playing beach volley ball while I was busy capturing pics of Cayden.. have had a gud evening.. ^^

midnite.. Jen came over to mine.. we webcam with stewpig Jes.. we then off to BED again... [ was talking wif steph..]
not planned to go there.. bt since it was so late d.. nearly 2am.. was supposed to join Png em at Mamak.. bt by the time we gt to town area.. the menztOk has already dismissed.. due to the tiny-rain.. gOsh.. then very gOng bin thingy happened.. Jen left first before me.. I waited my bro til 4am.. for christsake~! aiks..

last few days, my sis told me one of her fren, [ so-called Maid ] was once thought I am a very bright, happee n etc etc person.. from seeing my pics, heard from my sis n so for.. bt when she happened to meet up with me after I gt bac from Aussie.. she wonders why I am so different with how I supposed to be or I shud say, how she supposed I am to be.. I feel upset whenever ppl tell me sumthing about that.. as I used to be a really happee person with no idea with sadness at all.. I supposed I am an optimistic person too.. bt just sometimes, when there are too many things happened around you, apparently, you'll get influenced alot.. and eventually, tempered gonna get worse.. bt I know I will get back to the place once I settled down.. time will heal.. everything.. so.. please.. I am still theBright one kie..

Saturday, January 12, 2008

my lil sis and I

12 Jan, 0159 [ mah ro0m ]
had a nite out with gr.. my beluved sis.. after so many yrs... many things have been changed.. da grown up.. da experiences n so for.. one thing will never change.. we still have endless topics to share.. no matter where we are.. it was jz so great to hang around with her again.. she is alwiz my beluved sis.. I feel happee for her to have a good partner.. a good guy whom will let everyone put their trust in with no worries.. after so many yrs.. I can still feel the sweetness from them, what on earth is better than that..?

she has grown up a lot.. I feel so every once I met her and talked to her.. no longer the lil gal who I used to take shower together with.. the lil gal who listened to my bed-time-novel-telling when I overnight at her house.. she is now a mature, smart, intelligent, pretty n etc etc big gal d.. she has learned to be a caring lady, from a dont-bother-no-one-lil-gal to a very considerate big gal.. i feel touched to see her like this.. tho I am only 2 yrs older than her, I still behave myself as a SIS to her.. seeing your lil sis grown up n changed to another stage of life.. that kinda feeling is amazing.. i even felt like crying sometimez during our conversation... of cuz I wont allow myself to do so..

I know I will sure miss her really badly when she is leaving for UK.. I even started to feel sad now.. thus, I will work hard to make my dream come true... to pay her, jes n steph a visit this yr..
lOve ya heaps, grRr.. muaRksSs.... few yrs ago~

Friday, January 11, 2008

just to clarify the previous blog..
no one is going no where.. wrong info have been told...

evrything remains da same

Banana Leaf !!!

finally, I got to satisfy my craving for Banana Leaf... Khuang n I kept talking bout it throughout the whole yr in Melbourne.. we were so dying to eat it again..

Passion of Kelara..
it has opened another branch in New World Park months ago.. due to the higher rental, the prices have to increased a ringgit higher for each item.. the owner told my dad that ( they're frens ), his cousin has taken over the old branch behind Northam.. unfortunately, the food quality has run downwards, cuz they have cut down the serving portion of a lot of dishes.. I would recommend the new outlet to whoever wants to try it.. tho the prices are higher.. bt the environment is better tho.. colder, and importantly, the foods are nicer~!

*fried bitter-melon is recommended !

Cayden looked so pek chek in this pic.. very funny.. ha ha.. maybe bcuz he couldn't get to eat the banana leaf with us...

June & Sami..

Last Sunday, we had a farewell dinner with June before she and her husband leaving for UK.. we went Hai Boey for seafood... the foods were not bad.. bt nothing special tho.. since I'm not really into seafood, I shouldn't comment much on it..

they said the crab ain't so nice.. it tasted bit burned...?
stuffed eggplant with shrimp&pork..
giant portion of hOrfun...

Before & after...

chi lei & hei kor.. ( something dt I don't eat)
Bee hoon with Sambal is alwayz my fav afterall ^^

June was backed here for her wedding with Sami, her husband from Finland.. a nice n funny guy afterall... felt glad that I still managed to attend her wedding..

Wedding of June n Sami, 28th Dec, 2007, Traders HOtel...

Trois Canon Cafe @ Chulia Street

Been passing by this cafe for years... always have a thought that ' it can survive for so long, must have some reasons... '  wa...