Wednesday, January 2, 2008

holiday is overed !

2nd day of 2008 1035 [ Office ]

I'm sick ! suffering from da stewpig sore throat.. ain't any serious stage yet.. but still.. i couldn't stand it~! I Hate sore throat !

mummy insisted me to join em for breakie.. how on earth am I going to eat 'hokkien mee' under such condition..? Eventually we went to yumcha~ I had the porridge.. ^^

again, I didn't have a good sleep last nite. I was so tired and sleepy.. but went I off to bed.. I tossed and turned in bed.. yet cudn't be asleep...

I can't believe that itz 2008 now.. everything seems to be too fast ! 2007 was just like a 'blink'~ gOsh... Will 2008 be a good start afterall...? or cont the same old shitz..?

just to update my budds... since I didn't blog for nearly 2 mths d... I've backed to Penang.. * winkz~ and currently working in D Playground Events. Yes, I am.. dont be freaked out.. I am just helping out here while I am looking for jobs.. and I am gonna send out my first resume ever today ! I meant my first resume for a full-time boring office job.. Itz time to get myself into the boring wOrking life.. for christsake~ * sniff...

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