Thursday, August 21, 2008

another visit to HAgey~

3rd Aug SUNday... I joined stewpig to Hagey together with his mum & lil bro... they wanted to have something sweet after dinner on his moody-nite....
My fav order.. Flower Blossom.. a good choice for sharing as you could choose from 6 flavors of ice-cream.. the sizes of the ice-cream are smaller from the normal scoop... The waffle is always so crispy and tasty.. (I don't like the waffle from Baskin, it's SO sweet...)

We ordered this for his bro... Chocolate Brownie Explosion... a great choice for choc lover~
they served the melted-hot-to-warm-choc in another lil jug.. we hafta pour around the choc on top of the ice-cream and brownie by ourselves... I would suggest not to pour All the choc at a time.. orelse gonna find it too rich and heavy... no doubt the choc is Nice.. unlike those from Baskin... Only sweet to describe it ! the brownie served with a scoop of Midnight Chocolate Cookies & Cookies and Cream.. the flavor of ice-cream could be changed as you like.. but I reckon these 1 flavors go well with the choc brownie tho..

Since they have ordered 2 big serves of ice-cream... I would go for a double scoop of my All-Tym-Fav-In-Hagey-LemonSorbet!!!!!!!
MMmmmmm~yummy~ ^^ those who favors sour foods would like this very much !!!!
I happened to influence quite a number of my frens to have love it too.... winkz~

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