Monday, June 9, 2008

Cecelia Ahern

my fav author *Cecelia Ahern* has finally released her 5th workpiece !!
I was so happee while I saw this novel with her name on the shelf at Popular... no doubt I grabbed it at once.. but I didn't end up buy it as.. itz the bigger size version.. costs more expensive yet inconvenient to bring out.. I was so unwilling when I put it back to the shelf..

I was planning to check out MPH or Borders if they would have had the normal size version.. but too bad.. they don't.. sumthing incredible is.. the staff from MPH said.. the 1st batch is already sold out.. the 2nd batch might only release next year.. ridiculous right..? why should they take such long time to produce it..? I was so upset while I heard this...

then mr stewpig took out this to me !
ha ha.. Thanks alot!! I was chilled with it... ^^
The book is so beautiful... I can't wait to finish it! *winkz..

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