Friday, June 20, 2008

celebration Fri...

kOoichYn baby's full moon supposed to be tomorrow... but then she decided to celebrate it today.. thus, early in the morning, I went to Eaton to collect those yellow rice on behalf of her..
When Teen Wui & I carrying these 17 sets of yellow rice walking along the corridor to our cube.. I wonder if anyone would thought both of us are married and given out these yellow rice for the sake of 'our' new-borned-baby.. he he
Itz been a long time I never have eaten yellow rice.. I just couldn't wait to have it for breaky while everyone is going to leave it for lunch.. he he
Eaton is da bez in town ~!!
during lunch time, Ku Er Tuan goes to Qbay to celebrate burfday for Yee Ching in advance.. her burfday supposed to be on 21st June.. da same day as mr Gark..
Itz the 1st time I tried out this rest.. not too bad.. reckon the set lunch is kinda worth.. the price is reasonable, RM 13.80 for a Soup + Main Course + free-flow Drink.. Another thing that I should mention is.. their staff are attentive and helpful.. *thumbs up :)
Tomato Soup' ala carte, served with Garlic BreadMushroom Soup that comes with the Set..
Spaghetti Bolognese
Mix Grilled - Coleslaw at the bottom, grilled steak, chix, sausage...
Grilled Fish w lemon sauce, served w wedges and coleslaw.. tastes nice yet the portion is gud to fill your tummy..
the choc-blueberry cake that they bought for Yee Ching.. we sang out loud the burfday-song for her which made her found so embarrased..
Mung invites me to have dinner at her house, I was happee with it.. too bad I've forgotten that itz Critical Friday today.. all of us will need to stay back for the order downloading..
as usual, free dinner is given.. the Fried BeeHoon today is just so delicious..!! forget bout my craving for bee hoon, I would say itz gud as long as itz bee hoon.. he he.. but all of us are saying it this time.. we keep refilling it for few rounds.. apparently, itz really worth a thumb up!
how can I resist it eventho I was suffering from over-eaten the sticky yellow rice..
by the time I went to Mung's, itz no way for me to chuck in no food no more..
we went to 'visit' P'ng at the pasar malam, mr HardwOrking engineer Png is selling Sherpard Pie and Dumpling at Perak Road Pasar Malam every Fri.. no doubt our attendances did help alot for the business.. ha ha..
ciu.. I'm a Pro-experienced-staff in F&B line alrite~ he he

last place-to-go-of-da-nite.. we met B up at BED.. it is his burfday today!!! 20th June..

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