Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Cafe

Summer Cafe, I Avenue
This is the same as the older outlet in Prangin Mall...
Zinger & Vinegar Porridge, you would have a choice of fish/ chicken/ pork.. I like it.. just something special.. and can't find at other places.. the yellowish thingy on the top is Egg.. it was the 1st time I had this kinda porridge that comes with raw egg..
the vinegar & zinger are good for 'windy-stomach'..
Fish Porridge.. Itz bit normal compared to the above.. but the congee is smooth.. gud stuff to have when you're sick...
Summer's famous Mee Suah Kor... Evelyn said.. their vinegar makes it tastes even nicer..
Seaweed + Meat ball Veggie Soup.. recommended for those who's not rily hungry but want to munch something.. something not that heavy but healthy.. *winks~
Seafood Omellete Rice Set - the Omellete contains mixed seafood, such as squid, prawn, fish, crab meat as well as sausages, cheese and etc...
it was the 1st time we ordered this, Pork/ Chicken chop in Tomato & Egg sauce Rice set.. *recommended! Yee Ching kept claiming it tastes like the fried crab in tomato paste..
CS's Fav - Chef recommended Thai Rice Set.. none of us can remember its full name.. the rice comes with minced pork in Thai special sause and fried egg on the top.. it tastes a bit spicy.. if you not favor with rice.. Noodle set is available as well...
Yee Ching's fav - Seafood Tom served with 筒仔面, something like wan tan mee type of egg noodle instead of maggie mee.. as shown from the picture.. it has lotsa ingredient.. mushroom, baby corn, carrot, prawn, fish, squid and etc..

their service speed is kinda slow.. advise for those who are having short break time.. better go earlier.. like before 12pm.. my teammates had been waited for an hr before.. but for the previous visit.. I supposed they have tried to improve their service speed.. we didn't wait that long eventhough it was a big number of us..

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