Sunday, February 10, 2008

preparation for CNY..

je je wanted to buy a hamper for Cayden's nanny.. she is a funny auntie lives opposite my house..
thus, we went to Sunshine Farlim to shop for the hamper.. as we all reckoned it sells thingy at the lowest price among all the hypermarket.. perhaps cant say everything.. bt most of the things... je je insisted to choose ourselves instead of buying the ready-wrapped one..
it was so crowded that day, perhaps everyone was busy to do shopping for the CNY preparation too.. surprisingly, I met HoeLing at there.. she too followed her aunt to do shopping.. it been 2 yrs + since the last time we met at Sega.. it was so gud to meet her again.. eventho under this chao situation..
we have been queueing up some times to gt em wrapped up the hamper.. while watching em duin the wrapping.. I wan so admire their profesional.. ha ha.. they were fast yet pro to know which things to wrap 1st.. and where to place wut things.. ha ha..
we saw this guy buying SO many thingy to wrap dis giant size hamper.. it must be costed alot.. it must have challenged the wrapper, as he has been wrapped and unwrapped for few times to arrange the placement..
finally our mini hamper has been done.. fast and easy.. he he
3rd Feb, [sun]
we pray for kong kong early morning at our house.. aunt and dad cooked for him.. coincidently, it fell to the same date to pray for ah kong.. thus, we quickly rushed to 5cik's to pray for ah kong once we done the praying at home..
it has been a tiring day... once we had our lunch at 5cik's.. we went to Metro.. as jeje and koko wanted to buy some new yr clothes for daddy... we shopped for a while in Island.. den headed to GurneyPlaza again.. to cont' our shopping..
we had our 'tea-time' at gurney hawker.. I was the one suggested to there.. cuz I hadn't gt there since I come back.. bt too bad.. my fav hokkien-mee-stall was closed dt day..
we had the Pasembor.. and daddy ordered the octopus too.. it looked yummy.. bt it didn't give it a try.. i think yi ching wud be loving it so much.. I supposed..
we done lotsa shopping.. bt none of em is mine.. aiks.. I didn't buy nothing for myself at all bt a belt for daddy.... hmmmm..

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