Saturday, February 16, 2008

sah zap mei~

a special occasion like this, as usual, all of us will busy duin the last-minute-clean-up... those things that hadn't been prepared.. will have to get em done on this last day of a Lunar Year.. most of my frens gonna hang around together on this nite.. to have great fun doing prayer at many temples.. people believes that the more temples you visit on this day.. the better you gonna be throughout the year.. but, I will never get to join no one.. neither my sis nor bro has ever go out with frens.. bt we never feel bad or wut.. as this special moment is meant to spend with our beluved family tho.. ^^

as usual, we will have reunion dinner at home.. my dad will cook heaps of yummy yummy dishes.. instead of having steamboat as many pplz do.. since ah yee and je je were getting married.. they will need to have dinner with their parents-in-law.. apparently, the atmosphere gonna go down a bit.. eventhough, it doesnt influence my dad at all, the dishes never been cut down, but seemed to be getting more n more year by year.. therez no way to finish all of em..thus, the leftover gonna become part of the ingredients for mah fav kiam-cai-bui... yee n je je will come back to drink soup once they done their dinner over there...

at 12 o'clock sharp.. we gonna do prayer at home.. den to dad's office and follow by the Guan Yim Temple at Burmah Rd... and sometime we will go mamak too.. itz so rare for us to go mamak together.. perhaps just once in a year.. it was always so fun.. i reckon.. ^^ by the time we gt back to home.. it must be nearly 2am d.. daddy will then give us 'ya sui qian' and goes to bed.. when I was young, je je alwayz told me.. according to the traditional believe.. the longer we stay up that nite.. our parents will live the longer life.. the later the longer.. we called it 守夜.. therefore.. after daddy and mummy went to bed.. we will watch movie together... try to stay up as late as possible.. that's why none of us will ever hang around with frens on this meaningful moments..

before heading out.. je je has cooked her ngoy sam birdnest for us.. it was Awesome.. my all-time-fav afterall... *winks

another tradition in our family, started from few years ago.. we will prepare a series of clothes to wear together during chinese new year.. as our so-called new-year-costume.. ha ha.. it was je je suggestion... during the 1st few years.. it was only je je, ko ko and I duin so.. and soon, followed by je fu and daddy.. this year.. something was different.. as I have bought 1 for mummy too.. ^^ since mummy is now started to wear baby-t d..( my mummy used to wear only spaghetti stripes or bareback.. he he ) she shud have joined us ! actually ah yee and Aaron were joining us as well.. toobad.. they left before we taking this photo.. otherwise, I believe this pic gonna look more fantastic.. ha ha..

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