Friday, February 1, 2008

龙师傅 - 花生芝麻糊

we were all worn out after the buffet... my philosophy.. Eating considers a tiring exercise afterall.. we were in no mood to do nothing.. nt even shopping.. we have all fallen asleep Once we gt up the car.. thus, je kept blaming us for not helping her to look for the directions to Mid Valley.. Mung met us up at there too..

our stomach were too fulled to gt in anymore food... therefore, Pei brought us to this place to have some desserts.. which I haven't been asking for long... SS2, 龙师傅

花生芝麻糊 + 汤圆.. fantastic !!

Pei ordered 姜汤汤圆je ordered 红豆汤Avocado Roll...

Avocado always reminds me of Australia... itz tasteless.. bt many pplz' fav tho, I wonder why... itz yum yum when comes with chix... best partners afterall...
i miss the sandwish spreading with Avocado on one side, mayo on the other side.. fills with chix n salad.. gOsh.. yum yum... n must not forget.. Salt + pepper..
that's the sandwish I done the most for my customers... he he

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