Friday, February 8, 2008

mou liu 2nd kl trip..

we were supposed to go 牛车水 today... where seems to be the newly area to be hanging around.. bt too bad.. we went to the wrong way.. couldnt find the market tho..

we thus went to our second destination.. The Curve Sunday Market.. nothing special.. I always thought it's something like creative flea-market.. bt it turns up to be a day-time-pasar-malam.. hehe.. we spent less than 20 minutes over there...
we had lunch at SakaeSushi in The Curve.. the foods there were lousy compared to the one in Queensbay... bt the business was good... lotsa customers coming n queueing out there..

Jon was sick, we headed back to hotel once we done our lunch.. therefore, I ended up din do nothing bt bored till fell asleep at hotel too...
around 8 ish... I couldnt stand no more... thus, I decided to get my ass off to sungei wang.. it was the 1st time I taking Monorail in KL.. all by myself... to be honest.. I was so scared.. seeing all the M**** around me.. all the way from my hotel to the monorail station.. I couldnt see any chinese at all.. gOsh.. I nearly cry.. my heartbeats were loud yet fast..

finally.. I got to eat my 恭和堂龟令膏..

Mr P was so nice to pick me up from BintangWalk n brought me to Murni.. it was my 1st time to there too... the foods n drinks there are so yummy yummy... I missed em so much..
Mango Drink..
Roti Hawaii, ( with burger meat, sausages, ham n cheese )
Roti Beckham ( with Tuna, ham & cheese )
these two were recommended by MrP and the waitress..there are still lotsa things to try out.. the sizzling plate, 砂煲老鼠粉,nasi goreng Maryland n etc etc..

last day.. we settled our lunch at Pavillion Food Hall.. I love this stall selling iu zhar gui and congee.. gud choice for healthy breaky.. he he

SoyaMilk with iu zhar gui...
she so enjoyed her little YamBall..

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