Friday, June 5, 2009

last day, Steven Corner

last day morning,
we went for breaky with Javian again...
since she is staying around Setapak Area, I thought of the Garlic Cheese Naan that I had in Steven's Corner on last year...
but So Sad !! the naan only available at nite !!
wtf ??
stewpig and I shared a Roti Cheese
and I never see a Roti Cheese with SO MUCH of cheese !!!
I do like cheese...
but never be a super duper big fan of it !!
It's a bit too much and too heavy for us.. we couldn't finish it at all..
I bet Mung, yc and wah will go insane when seeing this !

Dried Sauce Mee with Crispy Sotong and Sunny Egg
the egg looks so 'pretty ' he he
Javian showed us the teddy bear that her hubby bought her while going after her !!
and now they already bought a house, assume that we will receive their Red-Card in-no-time...
it's so GIANT !! so HUGE !!
and the weight is not joke alright !!
but the fur is really nice to hug on...
the tummy so soft that you would want to lay on it and do nothing !
so sweet of this couple !! ^^
the living room which stewpig likes very much...
simple and nice ~
Thanks Javian and her hubby for the free accommodation ~~ *muazZzz

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