Monday, September 22, 2008

Buh bye my buCkie glassy mug... T_T

I'm so pissed...
I wonder how on earth can this stupid idiot fellow just take away ppl's thing like this?
My beluved Starbucks mug... which Kurt bought me on the day I converted to permanent has been taken away by the world-biggest-idiot, bl00dy-ass-of-the-century!!!
Being so mature enough to work in Dell, I supposed this person should have enuf brain power to-think-before-doing... taking other's belonging in your own working place is such a brainless-thought !! Won't this person feel embarassing at all??
Hello... it was just a Mug... tho it was a Starbucks one.. is it so costly till the salary you get from Dell not able to get you one.. but instead, you hafta steal someone's?
Cheapskate ppl all around...!! and Dell has a lot too... since case like this is not the first time happened in here... can't this ppl behave emselves a bit?
What the pain of the ass... for christsake buh-bye.... *sob sob

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