Thursday, March 17, 2011

九份篇 Unforgettable mOments in Jiu Fen

our first destination on our 4th day is 九份 ( Jiu Fen )
usually people may go 野柳 ( Ye Liu ) before 九份 ( Jiu Fen ) as just on the way~
we kinda running late from our schedule thus, we skipped 野柳 ( Ye Liu ) ...

below some useful bus info to get there which I gotten from some random forum..

从台北的西站A栋第8月台,搭乘「1815台北金山/法鼓山」(96元)的国光客运可以直达野柳,大约90分钟(途中会经过基隆)。下车之后,往车子后方同一个侧看,会看到「野柳风景区」的立碑,巷子进去经过渔港、保安宫,走到野柳国小会看到左右分岔,走右方那条进去就看到野柳风景区了。【建议 :基隆庙口吃午餐】回程就在原本国光客运野柳站下车的地方,走至对面万昌超市旁边的站牌搭「1022金山-基隆」或「1622淡水-基隆」(47元)的公车到基隆火车站终点站。基隆火车站终点站下车之后会看到港口,前方有个蓝色天桥,走过天桥到对面,在仁祥医院旁边的站牌搭「1013基隆-金瓜石」(53元),即可抵达金瓜石。金瓜石可以搭「825、826、1013」(15元)到九份。

it seems bit complicated and due to the sudden-turned-cold-weather
I doubt my mum and others can stand the 1 & 1/2 hrs bus journey to reach there !
taxi costs us ard twd 800 - 1000 per trip...
reaching in around 40-50 mins, depends on traffic....

we all fallen asleep tru out the journey...
when we reached !
omg.... it's rainning !!! 
it was already damn cold that day ! went up to the mountain sumore rainning...
the weather must be below 10 degrees...
mist all over !

without 2nd thought, mung and I grabbed the disposable rain coat for ourselves...
twd 30 each...
later, all of them also got one for emselves !

we admit we look Very Funny !!
but who cares, it helped us to stay away from the strong wind...
I appreciate much !
so my birdie legs dun need to suffer !

purple ladies !

je je said we look like Ninja Turtle ! -______-

九份 is a really beautiful place !!
can snap super nice photo at any single corner !
too bad, we went on a rainy day ! couldn't have spent longer time there !

famous Fish Ball Soup with Glass Noodles !

so excited that I spotted him !!!
the left pic was taken by YC during her tw trip in Oct' 2010, right pic taken by me in this trip !!!
I can recognise him once I saw !!!

guess wut dog is that?


it's a handmade writing brush stall !

it's a really nice restaurant !
too bad, no time to dine in there...

Choc Gift Shop...
the souvenirs there are really creative...
choc in as sanitary pads, c*nd*m, cigarette and etc etc


we ordered a mixture...
Sweet Potato / Yam / Black Sesame / Green Tea Glutinuous Rice Ball , with red / green / yellow bean soup !

there's a stall selling the ready-made glutinuous rice ball !!!
yee and I dying to buy this home to let papa cook for us !
too bad, this super nice uncle told me " go back home, can buy. go back hotel, cannot buy. :) "
uncle said it must cook and eat within the day...
orelse not nice ! very nice uncle, will not con us to buy just for the sake of $$

this is what we call YUMMYLICIOUS !!!

never tried such a tender and soft and nice glutinuous rice ball before !!!
even the beans are very nice too !

the owner of this house always dreamt of ghosts...
he will make a mask of what he had dreamt of once he woke up...
now this house is open for visiting with Entrance Fees..
we din pay, just took pic from the entrance...
there are more than a hundred of ' masks ' inside...

further up, was the place where they filmed this Taiwanese Drama

a shop that selling all child hood tibbits~~~

finally we reached the peak !
see the mist + rain !!

we were freezing !

if i was to come back again, I sure arrange a high tea session at the balcony cafe over there !

see spotted Edward & Bella here !!!!!

very cute little heels ~

I regret for not trying this giant meat ball !!
too full d !!!
very nice auntie selling nice flower teas ~~ :)
said a lot of Malaysia buy from her !

this is another must try snacks at Jiu Fen !!!
Shrimp and Cabbage Balls

mixture of full shrimp, cabbage, carrot and spring onion
covered with breadcrumbs but not flour

even the radish pickles at the side are really tasty !
no drama !
not a prawn-eater, but I love this, miss this !
BBQ Cutterfish
something really nice from Jiu Fen
- there's a shop selling Mochi + Pineapple Tarts which won some Awards before...
( the shop got Ma Ying Jiu poster 1 )
apparently, they're selling much expensive than elsewhere...
but then you can taste the pineapple pieces in the tart...
the Mochi is not the normal packing that store at room temperature...
but filled with fruits cream ( texture kinda like ice-cream ) that would need to keep in freezer !!
regret for not buying as mung and I gone bankrupt since the 3rd day... :P
after this, we went back to hotel for a rest den head to Xi Men Ting for steamboat dinner ! and last shot for night markets !! ^^


SY said...

can i noe how do u go jiu fen from taipei?

juzkim said...

I took taxi...
as it was 8 of us.. with mummy sumore on a cold weather..

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