Thursday, March 17, 2011

2nd day at Taipei 101 & 东区

2nd day...
our schedule today is

- breaky ard our hotel
- Taipei 101
- West Part 东区 ( 忠孝东路 )

after breaky,
we took MRT to 市政府站 (Taipei City Hall ) , den took free Shuttle from there to Taipei 101 ...

there's a sign board outside each toilet, showing which toilet is occupied, and how many more is available...
wut a great service !

one of the shopping complex at 市政府站, Cityhall ...
Muji and Cheng Pin Book Store are there too

the shuttle bus was kinda late..
we were so bored and kept snapping pics at the bus station~

finally, bus came~~

we reached !!!

at first, we were struggling whether to pay the entrance fees and go up or just simply take some photos at the entrance will do~

we ended up paid and went up...
Adult : TWD 400
with Youth Card : TWD 350
( the card I mentioned must register in previous post )

happee youngster~~~ ^^

mad aunties that paid for expensive tics~~~

no doubt, the photos are nicely taken and edited...
we might as well snap a pic from the screen and save the twd 350 ... :P

we taken the fastest lift in the world to go up the deck~

45 seconds to reach 89th floor , 382 M


cutie 101 mascot everywhere~~

Good business mind...
they sell varieties of post card at the Gift Shop... from twd 25 - 60
selling stamps too at twd 12 for overseas
can write and post at this nice mailbox !
all the ladies busy writing our post cards~

sad news is, I'm backed for 2 wks now, I still didn't receive the post card...
the lady there told me, it took few days to send only !! T.T
shall I blame our super responsible MA_A_ - postman or who ?

went up few more levels to the outdoor deck !

we were too hungry thus someone suggested to have our lunch at Taipei 101 Complex Food Court

twd 110 for 3 Cheese Sticks

Cold Stone Ice Cream..
yummy yet pricey~

choose the flavour, toppings, fruits, den they will ' mixed and fried ' on the cold plate ( like the sizzling pan but cold instead )

I had the Mixed Berries with Strawberry Ice Cream
twd 110 for single scoup

肉圆 Bak Ihn

not for my liking... char siew and some pork stuffed inside the skin like chai kuey...

this is very nice...
from a stall named " Omellette "
all sorts of omellette and cheese sets available

Traditional Taiwanese Cuisine

Seafood Rice Burger from MOS Burger..
always so yummie~ ^^

Peanut Tau Foo Fah~ nice !

lub this L-O-V-E sign in front of Taipei 101 Building

save the time to wait for the shuttle bus and MRT session...
we took Taxi to West Part ( 东区,忠孝东路 )
[ if go by MRT, get down at 忠孝复兴站 Chung Hsiao Fuh Sing Station ]

taxi driver dropped us right in front of this !!!

50 % off for all tees !! omg !
grabbed a tee and cap for stewpig !

Iced Ginger Tea with white pearl~~

they always give half a cup of pearl at least !
unlike here, 2 scoops or some even 1 scoop only !! :"(

咸水鸡 Salted Chicken Slices

Pappa Rich spotted in Taipei
named as Pappa Richie !
are they the same?

a very cute book shop...
selling all the children books !

and I spotted my beloved OLIVIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the super adorable pigguie !!!
Cole bought me it's book / play card / dunno-what as burfday pressie few yrs backed !!
I've been looking at his products during my 18 mths in Aussie...
too expensive to buy...


they're not for selling !!! T.T * heart-broken badly *

cute pug / bull dog with super sleepy eyes...

the next moment... he slept!

alot of nice designers / concepts stalls along the road...
not only 1 road, but few intersect junctions...
heard that, clothes and staff here mostly imported from Japan, Korea...
more high end goods...
apparently, pricing also higher.... of cuz nicer too !

walk walk walk...
and I saw this sign board !

omg !
LOMOGRAPHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

the film developing area~

love this " I Love You " limited edition of Fish Eye Lomo~~~

so many many versions available there !!
and reckon the pricing is cheaper too !!
cheapest compared to Malaysia and Hong Kong I supposed !!

after this,
(click for the post)
as too lazy to take train~ :P

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